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MUSIC-1   "BATTLEFIELDS AND CAMPFIRES" 97th Regimental String Band Volume 1, copyright 1990, 45 minutes
MUSIC-6   "BRASS MOUNTED ARMY"- 97th Regimental String Band
MUSIC-3   "CHANTEY IRISH" 97th Regimental String Band Volume 3, copyright 1987, 60 minutes
KNI-002   "Cross L" Trade Scalper
MUSIC-2   "DIXIE AND OTHER LOVE SONGS" 97th Regimental String Band Volume 2, copyright 1986, 45 minutes
BOOK-028   "Don't Give an Inch", The Second Day at Gettysburg
MUSIC-31   "Dulcem Melodies-Favorite Campfire Songs of the Civil War Era" by the 2nd South Carolina String Band
MUSIC-25   "Far From Home" By The Libby Prison Minstrels
WAMBAUGH-10   "Field Altered" Blouse-Jacket (RQM Exclusive) by Wambaugh, White & Co.
BOOK-029   "Fight Like the Devil", The First Day at Gettysburg
WAMBAUGH-4   "Gettysburg" CS Trousers by Wambaugh, White & Co.
INS-995   "Gull-wing" Curved Federal Chevrons
MUSIC-33   "Hard Road" by the 2nd South carolina String Band
MUSIC-19   "Homespun: Songs of Faith 1861 - 1865" Bobby Horton Volume 2
MUSIC-18   "Homespun: Songs of Faith 1861 - 1865"-Bobby Horton
MUSIC-20   "Homespun: Songs of the Christmas Season" Bobby Horton
MUSIC-13   "Homespun: Songs of the CSA" Bobby Horton Volume 2
MUSIC-14   "Homespun: Songs of the CSA" Bobby Horton Volume 3
MUSIC-17   "Homespun: Songs of the CSA" Bobby Horton Volume 6
MUSIC-15   "Homespun: Songs of the CSA" Bobby Horton Volume 4
MUSIC-16   "Homespun: Songs of the CSA" Bobby Horton Volume 5
MUSIC-12   "Homespun: Songs of the CSA"-Bobby Horton
MUSIC-9   "Homespun: Songs of the Union Army" Vol 2-Bobby Horton
MUSIC-10   "Homespun: Songs of the Union Army" Vol 3-Bobby Horton
MUSIC-11   "Homespun: Songs of the Union Army" Vol 4-Bobby Horton
MUSIC-8   "Homespun: Songs of the Union Army"-Bobby Horton
MUSIC-35   "In High Cotton" by the 2nd South Carolina String Band
MUSIC-36   "Lightning In A Jar" by the 2nd South Carolina String Band
MUSIC-37   "MARCHING ALONG"- 97th Regimental String Band
MUSIC-5   "RAISE A RUCKUS"- 97th Regimental String Band
BT-001   "Richmond Depot" trousers in Ben Tart Royal Blue Jean.
MUSIC-34   "Southern Soldier: Favorite Camp Songs of the Civil War" by the 2nd South Carolina String Band
MUSIC-26   "Strike The Tent" by 2nd South Carolina String Band
MUSIC-4   "TENTING ON THE OLD CAMPGROUND" 97th Regimental String Band
KNI-007   'Don't Tread on Me' Folding Knife
BUT-009   'Ireland Forever' Button
KNI-008   'United We Stand' Folding Knife
GUN-23   .58 cal Brass Bristle Brush
ACC-058   .58 cal Worm/Wiper
LEATH-1   .58cal Cartridge Box, Imported
GUN-92   .58cal Cleaning Brushes
ACC-003   .69 Caliber Worm/Wiper-Original
GUN-920   .69cal Cleaning Brushes
DIY-006   1 full pound Block of Natural Bees wax
INS-82   1" Regimental Numbers, Militia and Pre-war, Hat Brass
MB-7760   1-3/4" Square Clear Glass Inkwell
MB-6749   10" Brown Powder Horn with Wooden Plug
MB-7755   10-1/2" Distressed Writing Box, opens to Desk
ART-086   12 Pdr Breech-Loading Whitworth Rifle (No 23)
ART-081   12 Pdr Dahlgren Heavy Boat Howitzer (No 57)
ART-070   12 Pdr Dahlgren Light Boat Howitzer (No 55)
ART-064   12 Pdr Gun- Model 1841 (No 27)
ART-077   12 Pdr Mountain Howitzer Second Model Prairie Carriage Limber (No 70)
ART-079   12 Pdr Mountain Howitzer Second Model Prairie Carriage Limber Research Packet (No 68)
ART-072   12 Pdr. Mountain Howitzer on a First Model Prairie Carriage 1849-1865 (No 67)
MB-7879   12" British Campaign Chest
heel-14   12th Corps/Texas Star Heel Plates
MB-5550   13" Powder Horn with Wooden Plug
MB-6452   14" 4-Pipe Brass Telescope (10x Magnification)
MB-6461   14" 4-Pipe Brass Telescope with Brown Leather Cover (10x Magnification)
MB-7927   14" Traveling Chest
150-DVD   150th Anniversary Gettysburg Commemorative Blu-ray
INS-94   1812 Cockade Eagle
INS-201   1812 Dragoon Cap Plate
INS-94D   1814 Rifleman Cap Plate
ins-821   1821 Artillery Cap Side Buttons
INS-121   1821 Infantry or Dragoon Cap Side Buttons
ins-94A   1821-1851 Cap Eagle
ins-94B   1821-1851 Cap Eagle Variant
INS-133   1833 Dragoon Cap Plate
INS-24   1834 Artillery Shako Plate
ins-134   1834 Infantry Cap Plate
INS-200   1834-1845 Cockade Eagle-Militia
Beltplate-4   1839 Small U.S. Oval Belt Plate
BAY-014   1842 Springfield Bayonet and Scabbard
BAY-016   1842 Springfield Bayonet Only
INS-146   1846 Sappers & Miners (Engineer) Cap Plate
Rev-12   1848 3rd Model Dragoon Revolver, Uberti, .44 Cal
INS-22   1851 Artillery Enlisted Hat Insignia
REV-703A   1851 Navy Revolver, .44cal
REV-009   1851 Navy Steel Revolver - Pietta
Rev-8   1851 Navy Steel Revolver Uberti
INS-18   1858 Artillery Enlisted Hat Insignia
INS-14   1858 Cavalry Enlisted hat insignia
INS-10   1858 Infantry Enlisted Hat Insignia
INS-32   1858 Mounted Rifleman Hat Insignia
REV-703B   1858 Remington New Army Police Revolver, .36cal
Rev-5   1858 Remington Steel Frame Revolver - Pietta
Rev-6   1858 Remington Steel Frame Revolver - Uberti
GUN-014   1858 Revolving Carbine .44 - Uberti
INS-26   1859 USMC Enlisted Hat Insignia
INS-28   1859 USMC Officer Hat Insignia
Rev-10   1860 Army Steel Revolver - Pietta
Rev-2   1860 Army Steel Revolver - Uberti
REV-003   1860 Army Steel Revolver, Snub Nose - Pietta (Like New)
BLA-004   1861 Emergency Issue Blanket by Woolrich
BLA-004A   1861 Emergency Issue Blanket with Hand Stitched "US" by Woolrich
GUN-101B   1862 C.S. Richmond Carbine .58, 25 inch Forged Steel Barrel by Armisport
GUN-101   1862 C.S. Richmond Type III Musket .58, by ArmiSport
GUN-063   1862 C.S. Richmond Type III Musket .58, by Pedersoli
Rev-4   1862 Pocket Navy Revolver
Rev-3   1862 Pocket Police Revolver
BAY-002   1863-1866 Springfield Scabbard Only
Book-1865   1865 Quartermaster Manual
diy-38   1870's Helmet Top
ins-873   1872 Helmet Cord Ring with Floral Base
ins-872   1872 Helmet Eagle Plate
ins-880   1881 Cavalry Helmet Plate
ins-87   1890 Indian Scout Hat Insignia
CARD-02   18th Century Card Deck (European)
DIY-030   1oz Natural Beeswax Block
heel-1   1st Corps Heel Plates
FLAG-10   1st Irish Brigade Flag
FLAG-1S   1st National Confederate Stick Flag
MB-6631   2" Brass Compass
CAD-032   2" Wool & Leather Belt, By Cary A. Davisson, Size 40-44
ART-061   2.6 Inch Wiard Rifled Cannon (No 28)
ART-085   20 Pdr Parrott Rifle (No 26)
FLAG-15   20th Maine Flag
MUSIC-7   21st Georgia Fife & Drum Corps
ART-057   24 Pdr. Coehorn Mortar (No 22)
heel-4   2nd Corps Heel Plates
FLAG-4S   2nd National Confederate Stick Flag
MB-5982   3 1/2" Tin Camphene with Snuffer - Type Open Flame Lamp
MB-6662AB   3-1/4" American Eagle Bone Box
ART-060   3.67 Inch Delafield Rifled Cannon (No 32)
ART-092   3/4 Scale Artillery Sponge Bucket
gift-45   3D Battle Wound (Capped)
gift-47   3D Battle Wound (Cut Throat)
gift-49   3D Battle Wound (Gouged)
gift-48   3D Battle Wound (Point Blank)
heel-3   3rd Corps Heel Plates
FLAG-5S   3rd National Confederate Stick Flag
Gifts-8   3rd National hat pin
FIELD-40A   4-Button Canvas Leggings/Gaiters
CAD-002   44th Tennessee CS .58cal Cartridge Box, By C.A. Davisson
MB-7915   5" Telescope and Box (5x Magnification)
ART-087   60 Pounder Rifled Parrott Gun on a Marsilly Carriage (No 24)
INS-106   69th Infantry Officer Embroidered Hat Insignia
FLAG-10S   69th Regiment Irish Brigade Stick Flag
heel-5   6th Corps Heel Plates
Gifts-7   7 star 1st National hat pin
BLA-009C   72x72 Brown Coverlet by Family Heirloom Weavers
RQM-02   7th Cavalry (Indian Wars) Major Shoulder Scales
MB-7873   8" Shaving Box
BOOK-055   A Grave Celebration, A Lady of Ashes Mystery, by Christine Trent (Book 6 of 6)
BOOK-010-   A Strange and Blighted Land: Gettysburg: The Aftermath of a Battle by Gregory Coco
BOOK-052   A Virtuous Death, A Lady of Ashes Mystery, by Christine Trent (Book 3 of 6)
Gifts-23   Abraham Lincoln Bust
Gifts-23B   Abraham Lincoln Bust (Bronze)
Gifts-24B   Abraham Lincoln Bust (Bronze)
ORN-40A   Abraham Lincoln Ornament
GUN-094   Adjustable Black Powder Measure with Spout
diy-108   Adjusting Hook for Musket Sling
diy-110   Adjusting Hook for NCO or Officers Belt
SB-02   Alabama State Button
Beltplate-30   Alabama State Seal 2-Piece Buckle
BUT-034   Alabama State Seal Muffin Button
Beltplate-32   Alabama State Seal Oval Belt Plate
Beltplate-29   Alabama State Seal Sword Belt Plate
Beltplate-34   Alabama Volunteer Corps (AVC) 2-Piece Buckle
Beltplate-31   Alabama Volunteer Corps (AVC) Oval Belt Plate
BH-027   Alabaster "Beehive" High Crown Style Hat, Size 22, by Bristol Hollow
SB-03   Alaska State Button
GUN-589   Allen & Thurber Double Action Percussion Pistol .36cal, ca 1840
GUN-576   Allen & Thurber Targeting Pistol, .31cal, SN# 66
PER-100   Aluminum I.D. Disk
DVD-729   America: The Birth of Freedom
BOOK-022-   American Military Headgear Insignia, by J. Duncan Campbell & Michael J. O'Donnell
BOOK-390   An Introduction to Civil War Civilians, By Juanita Leisch
Book-110   Ansel Adams and the Photographers of the American West
SB-04   Arizona State Button
GUN-030   ArmiSport M1861 Springfield Rear Sight Base Screw Wrench
ACC-013   ArmiSport Model 1861 Springfield Lockplate.
FLAG-8   Army of Northern Virginia Flag
FLAG-8C   Army of Northern Virginia Flag (Cotton)
T-SHIRT-001   Artillerist Have Iron Balls T-Shirt
ART-016   Artillery Gimlet
ART-039   Artillery Gimlet-Brass Handle
ART-093   Artillery Grease Bucket
ART-010   Artillery Gunner's Fuse Pouch with Belt
ART-009   Artillery Gunner's Haversack
ART-065   Artillery Harness for Field and Siege Carriages (No 34)
DL-012   Artillery Haversack by Dell's Leather Works
heel-9   Artillery Heel Plates, with Cannon Balls
INS-102A   Artillery Officer Embroidered Hat Insignia
GAUNT-05   Artillery Officer Gauntlets - Embroidered
ART-033   Artillery Officer Saber
ART-091   Artillery Sponge Bucket
ART-012A   Artillery Thumbstall
DL-011   Artillery Tool Pouch by Dell's Leather Works
ART-006   Artillery Tow Hook
ART-021   Artillery Vent Brush - Wooden Handle
ART-019   Artillery Vent Pick - Wooden Handle
ART-017   Artillery Vent Punch
Footwear-008   Artillery/ Infantry Boots
BAY-819   Austrian M1854 Lorenz Original Bayonet and Scabbard
BUT-075   AVC 'Alabama Volunteer Corps' Button
HYGIENE-2   Badger Bristle Shaving Brush
GUN-32   Ball Puller

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