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Original Early Hardpack made by R. Nece & Co. of Philadelphia Trigger and Stop Spring Original Sharps Hinge/Take-down Pin. Pietta Hammer Roller Pin
Pietta Mainspring Pietta Trigger and Stop Spring Euroarms Parker-Hale Rear Sight Spring Euroarms Parker-Hale Lockplate Washer
Pietta Mainspring
Our Price: $16.95
Euroarms Parker-Hale Rear Sight Base Euroarms Parker-Hale Bridle Reproduction Sharps Carbine/Rifle Lockplate Screw Reproduction Sharps Carbine/Rifle Trigger
Reproduction Sharps Carbine/Rifle Tumbler Reproduction Sharps Carbine/Rifle Front Tang Screw Reproduction Sharps Carbine/Rifle Mainspring Reproduction Sharps Carbine Sling Ring
Reproduction Sharps Sear, Armi-Sport Reproduction Sharps Clean-Out Screw Reproduction Sharps Hinge/Take-down Pin. Reproduction Loading Lever for Dragoon Pistol
Euroarms Model 1861 Springfield Lockplate. Euroarms 1841 Mississippi Rifle Trigger United States Sharp Shooter Officers Frock Coat, Size 40, Made by Jim Ruley Original M1861 Springfield Lockplate, Bridesburg, Dated 1862
Original M1861 Springfield Lockplate, Bridesburg, Dated 1863 Original M1861 Lockplate Plate, Providence Tool Co, Dated 1863 Original 1864 Lock Plate, Savage R.F.A. Co Manufacture Original 1864 Lock Plate, Parkers' Snow & Co. Manufacture
Original 1863 Lock Plate, E. Robinson Manufacture Custom CS Overcoat, Size 42, by Wambaugh, White and Company Original Providence Tool Company Contract Lock Plate Original Springfield Lock Plate dated 1863
Original C.W. Contract Lock Plate-Wm Mason, Taunton Original M1861 Lock Plate marked 1863 Original C.W. Contract Lock Plate-E. Robinson New York/1863 Original Springfield Lock Plate-Dated 1864
7th Cavalry (Indian Wars) Major Shoulder Scales