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ORI-162   Sharps Lever Catch Spring, Original
ORI-160   Sharps Lever Catch, Original
ORI-131   Sharps Lock Plate, Original
ORI-131A   Sharps Lock Plate, Original
ORI-129   Sharps Lock Plate, Original, Complete
ORI-144   Sharps Pellet Cut Off Screw
ORI-140   Sharps Pellet Feed Cover
ORI-142   Sharps Pellet Feed Cover Spring Screw, Original
ORI-143   Sharps Pellet Magazine Spring Screw
ORI-139   Sharps Rear Lock Plate Screw, Original
ORI-177   Sharps Rear Sight Base Screw, Reproduction
ORI-176   Sharps Rear Sight Guard Base
ORI-149   Sharps Rear Tang Screw, Original
ORI-132   Sharps Sear, Original
ORI-157   Sharps Toggle to Lever Screw, Original
ORI-158   Sharps Toggle, Original
ORI-154   Sharps Trigger
ORI-153   Sharps Trigger Screw, Original
ORI-172   Sharps/Spencer Band Spring
ORI-137   Sharps/Spencer Bridle, Original
ORI-175   Sharps/Spencer Carbine Saddle Ring, Reproduction
ORI-168   Sharps/Spencer Fore Stock Screw
ORI-167   Sharps/Spencer Fore Stock Screw Washer
ORI-171   Sharps/Spencer Lower Rifle Band, Original
ORI-136   Sharps/Spencer Mainspring Screw, Original
ORI-135   Sharps/Spencer Mainspring, Original
ORI-170   Sharps/Spencer Middle Rifle Band, Original
ORI-165   Sharps/Spencer Nose Cap Screw, Rifle, Original
ORI-164   Sharps/Spencer Nose Cap, Rifle, Original
ORI-178   Sharps/Spencer Rear Sight Ladder Screw
ORI-179   Sharps/Spencer Rear Sight Ladder Slide, Original
ORI-173   Sharps/Spencer Rear Swivel Base, Original
ORI-151   Sharps/Spencer Trigger Plate and Rear Swivel Base Wood Screw, Original
ORI-133   Sharps/Spencer Tumbler Complete, Original
ORI-134   Sharps/Spencer Tumbler Stirrup
ORI-169   Sharps/Spencer Upper Rifle Band, Original
HYGIENE-5   Shaving Soap in Tin
PACKAGE-2   Shelter Package
FIELD-41   Shelter tent ( dog tent ) pole
TENT-008   Shelter Tent (Dog Tent)
TENT-009   Shelter Tent End Piece
TENT-011   Shelter Tent Half
WES-013   Sheriff Shield Badge
WES-006   Sheriff Star Badge
wall-01   Shooter's Wallet
FEU-006A   Shoulder Scale Attachment Set
ACC-073   Sideplate for M1842 Springfield, by ArmiSport
ORI-005   Sight Base Screw, Original
INS-115   Signal Corps Officer Embroidered Hat Insignia
LEATH-019   Single Billet Belt, Houston Depot
LEATH-035   Single Cylinder Pouch
ART-059   Six Civil War Cannon on a No. 1 Field Carriage by Antique Ordnance Publishers (No 12)
KNI-061   Skinner Patch Knife
per-127   Slave Tag
CAD-010   Slim Jim Holster Parts Set Double Cut Out Trigger
ACC-069   Sling Swivel for M1842 Springfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-070   Sling Swivel Pin for M1842 Springfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-015   Sling Swivel Pin for M1861 Springfield, by ArmiSport
Gifts-67   Sliver and Black Mason Pin
Gifts-66   Sliver Mason Pin
TIN-006   Small Cup, Hot Dipped Tin 3x3
FIELD-15   Small Cup, Stainless Steel 3x3
TIN-005   Small Cup, Tin 3x3
KNI-017   Small Folding Work Knife
KNI-5   Sodbuster Work Knife
kni-27   Soldier's Bone/Brass Handle Knife
KNI-009   Soldier's Folding Knife
PACKAGE-1   Soldier's Leather Package
ART-040   Solid Steel Artillery Practice Primer
FLAG-29   Sons of Erin Confederate Flag
FLAG-004   Sons of Liberty Flag, 3'x5', Poly
Beltplate-76   Sons of Veterans Reserve Belt Plate
Beltplate-77   Sons of Veterans Reserve Box Plate
Beltplate-56   South Carolina 2-Piece Buckle
Beltplate-59   South Carolina Baldric
Beltplate-58   South Carolina Belt Plate
Beltplate-58C   South Carolina Belt Plate (Small)
Beltplate-58B   South Carolina Box Plate
Beltplate-58D   South Carolina Box Plate (Small)
INS-861   South Carolina Hat Pin
Beltplate-57   South Carolina State Seal 2-Piece Buckle
BUT-047   South Carolina State Seal Button
Gifts-19   Southern States Paper Money
GUN-552   Southerner Derringer, Iron Frame, by Brown Mfg Co.
WES-010   Special Police Texas and Pacific Railroad Badge
ORI-216   Spencer Barrel Block, Original
ORI-200   Spencer Butt Plate, Original
ORI-224   Spencer Carbine Band, Model 1860, Original
ORI-225   Spencer Carbine Band, Model 1865, Original
ORI-198   Spencer Cartridge Follower Guide Screw, Original
ORI-199   Spencer Cartridge Follower Guide Spring
ORI-193   Spencer Extractor Screw, Original
ORI-194   Spencer Extractor Spring, Original
ORI-192   Spencer Extractor, Original
ORI-191   Spencer Firing Pin Screw, Original
ORI-190   Spencer Firing Pin, Original
ORI-181   Spencer Hammer Screw, Original
ORI-188   Spencer Lock Plate Screw, Front, Reproduction
ORI-206   Spencer Magazine Follower Screw.
ORI-207   Spencer Magazine Follower with Screw, Original
ORI-208   Spencer Magazine Tub Nut, Original
ORI-204   Spencer Magazine Tube Base Spring, Original
ORI-202   Spencer Magazine Tube Catch
ORI-203   Spencer Magazine Tube Catch Screw, Original
ORI-205   Spencer Magazine Tube Spring Screw, Original
ORI-195   Spencer Model 1860 Lever Hinge Bolt, Original
ORI-234   Spencer Model 1860 Rear Sight Ladder, Original
ORI-197   Spencer Model 1865 Cartridge Follower Guide
ORI-196   Spencer Model 1865 Lever Hinge Bolt
ORI-235   Spencer Model 1865 Rear Sight Ladder, Original
ORI-229   Spencer Rear Sight Model 1860 Complete with Spring, Original
ORI-230   Spencer Rear Sight Model 1860 Complete with Spring, Reproduction
ORI-232   Spencer Rear Sight Model 1860 Ladder Slide Assembly, Original
ORI-231   Spencer Rear Sight Model 1865 Complete with Spring, Original
ORI-233   Spencer Rear Sight Model 1865 Ladder Slide Assembly, Original
ORI-182   Spencer Sear, Original
ORI-220   Spencer Stabler Cutoff Screw, Reproduction
ORI-219   Spencer Stabler Cutoff, Original
ORI-212   Spencer Trigger Bar to Frame Screw, Model 1860, Reproduction
ORI-209   Spencer Trigger Bar, Original
ORI-210   Spencer Trigger Screw, Original
ORI-211   Spencer Trigger, Original
per-123   Spoon (made of horn)
PER-007   Spoon, Standard Steel
GUN-3   Springfield Leather Sling
GUN-42   Springfield Leather Sling - Heavy Duty
GUN-42B   Springfield Leather Sling - Heavy Duty Oiled
GUN-7   Springfield Musket Sling - Canvas
Footwear-6   Spur Straps-American Made
Footwear-4   Spurs-Brass (One Pair)
Footwear-5   Spurs-Officer Eagle Head (One Pair)
Footwear-5A   Spurs-Officer Horse Head (One Pair)
Gifts-63   Square and Compass Pin on Blue Backing with Free Masonry
FEU-037   Staff NCO Shoulder Scales
LD-002   Standard Federal Issue Haversack, By L.D. Haning & Co.
GUN-758   Starr Percussion Carbine, Serial # 8709
STETSON-3   Stetson Elkhorn Hat
STETSON-1   Stetson John Wayne The Fort Cowboy Hat
STETSON-2   Stetson Moab Hat
STETSON-4   Stetson Wildwood Hat
BOOK-051   Stolen Remains, A Lady of Ashes Mystery, by Christine Trent (Book 2 of 6)
PER-093   Stoneware Jug
HYGIENE-3   Straight Razor with White Handle and Strop
HYGIENE-1   Straight Razor with Wooden Handle
SUS-2   Striped Suspenders (Braces) 2 Prong Adjustable
CAD-024   Suspender Front Tab, by Cary A. Davisson
SUS-1   Suspenders (Braces) 2 Prong Adjustable
SUS-4   Suspenders (Braces) Mustard Canvas, Adjustable
SUS-5   Suspenders (Braces) Red Canvas, Adjustable
SUS-6   Suspenders (Braces) Yellow Elastic, Adjustable
INS-113   SVR Embroidered Hat Insignia
LEATH-099   Sword Belt, made in the U.S.A.
SWO-026   Sword Snap, Confederate (English War Import)
swo-027   Sword Swivel
GUN-15   T-Handle Nipple Wrench - Musket
kni-126   Tactical / Survival Tomahawk
ACC-075   Tang Screw for M1842 Springfield, by ArmiSport
FIELD-023   Tarred Officer's Haversack
KNI-004   Tennessee Belt Knife
BUT-005   Tennessee State Seal Button
TENT-007   Tent Fly
TENT-012   Tent Stake Bag
Beltplate-62   Texas 2-Piece Buckle
Beltplate-63   Texas Belt Plate
INS-84   Texas Hat Badge
INS-88   Texas Hat Pin
WES-002   Texas Ranger Badge
Beltplate-61   Texas Rectangular Belt Plate
BUT-050   Texas Star Button
BUT-074   Texas Star Variant Button
BOOK-015   The American Game by Jeff McArthur
Book-100   The Battle Of Gettysburg-Commemorative Edition
BOOK-023   The Civil War Boxed Set, by William C. Davis
Book-103   The Civil War in the Words Of Its Greatest Commanders
Bk-26   The Confederate Field Manual
BOOK-017   The Cowboy Shooter's Blackpowder Guide
BOOK-008   The English Connection
BOOK-053   The Mourning Bells, A Lady of Ashes Mystery, by Christine Trent (Book 4 of 6)
Book-0038   The New Big Book of U.S. Presidents
BOOK-021   The Papers Of Dwight David Eisenhower The War Years Set, 1st Edition 2nd Printing
FLAG-003   Thin Blue Line USA Flag, 3'x5' Cotton
FLAG-002   Thin Blue Line USA Flag, 3'x5' Polyester
KNI-015   Throwing Tomahawk, 12.5" Carbon Steel Blade
BUT-064   Tin Button, 4 Hole, Paper Back
BUT-066   Tin Button, Decorated, 4 Hole
MB-5905   Tin Camphene-Type Open Flame Lamp
PER-19   Tin Hardtack Cutter
tin-020   Tin Match Safe, by Ulrich
TIN-011   Tin Plate
Inst-9   Tin Whistle
Book-102   Titanic
GUN-19   Tompion .58cal Plain Wood
GUN-18   Tompion .69cal Plain Wood
GUN-20   Tompion, 58cal, Wood Body with Brass Head
GUN-21   Tompion, Enfield style, Wooden .58cal
HYGIENE-7   Tooth Powder
TOY-001   Toy Fire Engine
TOY-002   Toy Stage Coach
TOY-003   Toy Tractor
KNI-063   Trapper Folding Knife

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