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GUN-551   Original M1857 Smith Carbine .50cal
GUN-774   Original M1857 Smith Carbine .50cal, SN# 13054
GUN-777   Original M1860 Army Colt, SN 1158101 (1866)
ORI-273   Original M1861 Bridesburg Lockplate, dated 1864
RQM-23   Original M1861 Lock Plate marked 1863
ORI-091A   Original M1861 Lock Plate, Savage R.F.A. Co. Manufacture, dated 1863
ORI-279   Original M1861 Lockplate Parkers' Snow & Co., dtd 1864
ORI-093   Original M1861 Lockplate Plate, Providence Tool Co, Dated 1863
ORI-094   Original M1861 Lockplate Plate, Windsor Locks, Dated 1863
ORI-046B   Original M1861 Middle Band with swivel
ORI-271   Original M1861 Norwich Arms Lockplate, dated 1864
ORI-274   Original M1861 Norwich Lockplate, dated 1864
ORI-278   Original M1861 Special U.S. L.G-&Y. Windsor-VT, dtd 1864
ORI-277   Original M1861 Springfield Complete Lockplate, dtd 1862
ORI-086   Original M1861 Springfield Lockplate dated 1862
ORI-086A   Original M1861 Springfield Lockplate dated 1862
ORI-088   Original M1861 Springfield Lockplate dated 1864
ORI-092   Original M1861 Springfield Lockplate dated 1864
ORI-094A   Original M1861 Springfield Lockplate, Bridesburg, Dated 1862
ORI-093A   Original M1861 Springfield Lockplate, Bridesburg, Dated 1863
GUN-726   Original M1862 Army Colt Pocket Police Revolver
ORI-275   Original M1863 Springfield Complete Lockplate dated 1863
ORI-276   Original M1863 Springfield Complete Lockplate dated 1864
ORI-047   Original M1863/1864 Middle Band
ORI-400   Original M1883 Reichsrevolver by Suhl
RQM-63   Original M1893 7mm. Mauser Rifle Socket Bayonet
ORI-746   Original M1896 Pistol Box, Early Pattern
ORI-300   Original Maynard Carbine Nipple
ORI-840   Original Maynard Tape Primer
ORI-841   Original Maynard Tape Primer
RQM-60   Original Model 1878 Spanish American War Canteen
ORI-041   Original Nose Cap Screw: M1855-1864 Springfield
ORI-3   Original P-1853 Snider MkIII Conversion Enfield
GUN-683   Original P.S. Justice 3-Band Rifled Musket, .69cal (1861)
GUN-779   Original P53 Enfield 3-Band Musket, dated 1862
RQM-002   Original Post War Presentation Sword
RQM-27   Original Providence Tool Company Contract Lock Plate
ORI-053   Original Ram Rod Spring (Spoon): M1863-1864 and M1861 Special Model Springfield
ORI-037A   Original Rear Lockplate Screw, 1861 Springfield
ORI-039B   Original rear sight leaf screw 1861-64 Springfield
ORI-039A   Original rear sight lower leaf 1861-64 Springfield
ORI-054   Original Remington Rolling Block Rifle and Carbine Tool
BAY-828   Original Remington Rolling Block Socket Bayonet
ORI-082A   Original Rifled 1842 Springfield Top Band
ORI-244   Original Rogers, Spencer & Pettingill Pistol Tool
ORI-003   Original Sear Screw, M1855-M1884 Springfield
ORI-004   Original Sear Spring Screw, M1855-M1884 Springfield
ORI-021   Original Sear Spring:M1855-1864 Springfield
ORI-020   Original Sear:M1855-1864 Springfield
ORI-159A   Original Sharps Cartridge Breach Block
ORI-129B   Original Sharps Hammer, Cartridge
ORI-129A   Original Sharps Hammer, Percussion
PART-014A   Original Sharps Hinge/Take-down Pin.
ORI-180   Original Sharps Lever and Breech Block Assembly (Complete), Percussion
ORI-160   Original Sharps Lever Catch
ORI-161   Original Sharps Lever Catch Screw
ORI-163   Original Sharps Lever Catch Spring Screw
ORI-156A   Original Sharps Lever Spring Screw
ORI-129D   Original Sharps Lock Plate.
ORI-129C   Original Sharps Rifle Butt Stock, M1859-1863
ORI-133   Original Sharps Tumbler
ORI-005   Original Sight Base Screw, M1855-1865
ORI-299   Original Smith Carbine Butt Plate
ORI-241   Original Spencer Carbine and Rifle Tool
ORI-241A   Original Spencer Civil War Tool
ORI-241B   Original Spencer Post Civil War Tool
ORI-043   Original Springfield 1861 Top Band: M1855 and 1861 Springfield
ORI-050   Original Springfield 1863 Lower Band Screw Type: M1863 and M1861 Special Model Springfield
RQM-25   Original Springfield Lock Plate dated 1863
RQM-18   Original Springfield Lock Plate-Dated 1864
ORI-046   Original Springfield Middle Band with swivel: M1863 and M1861 Special Model Springfield
ORI-048   Original Springfield Middle Swivel: M1863 and M1861 Special Model Springfield
ORI-045   Original Springfield Solid Top Band: M1864 Springfield
ORI-302   Original Star Carbine Butt Plate
ORI-017   Original Stirrup/Pin:Model 1861, 1863, and 1864
ORI-027   Original Trigger Bow Nut:M1855-1864 Springfield
ORI-026   Original Trigger Bow:M1855-1864 Springfield
ORI-025   Original Trigger Guard:M1855-1864 Springfield
ORI-184   Original Trigger Plate and Trigger, complete
ORI-030   Original Trigger Plate: M1855-1864 Springfield
ORI-029   Original Trigger Screw:M1855-1864 Springfield
ORI-028   Original Trigger: M1855-1864 Springfield
GUN-021   Original Tumbler Punch, Blued Steel
ORI-019   Original Tumbler:Model 1855 Springfield
ORI-055   Original U.S. Tumbler Punch
ORI-719   Original US M1864 Cartridge Box
ORI-714   Original US Percussion Cap Pouch
WW2-006   Original World War 2 Mess Kit
Glasses-4   Oval Eyeglasses - curved bow 19th century style - gold frame
Glasses-3   Oval Eyeglasses - Straight bow 19th century style - Black frame
Gifts-14   Oval Mason hat pin
INS-101   Overcoat Rank
Gifts-07   P-38 U.S. Army Can Opener
GUN-044   P1853 3-Band Enfield Musket by ArmiSport
GUN-058   P1853 Enfield Rifled Musket by Pedersoli, .577cal
BAY-796   P1853 Original Enfield 3-Band Bayonet with Springfield Scabbard
ORI-100B   P1854 Austrian Lorenz Rifle Patch Jag.
ORI-100A   P1854 Austrian Lorenz Tool, Original
GUN-011   P1860 Oil Bottle
WW2-003   P38 USGI Can Opener
ACC-006   P53 3-Band Reproduction Ramrod, by ArmiSport
B-1   PA Pennsylvania Car Magnet
A-1   PA Pennsylvania Sticker
ART-041   Padlock with keys
LEATH-016   Painted Canvas Cartridge Box Sling, Imported
DIY-018   Paper Cartridge Kit, .58cal rounds, 20 Count (with Minie Balls)
DIY-017   Paper Cartridge Kit, .58cal rounds, 50 Count (no Minie Balls)
DIY-019B   Paper Cartridge Kit, .69cal "Buck and Ball" rounds, 20 Count
DIY-019   Paper Cartridge Kit, .69cal rounds, 20 Count (with Minie Balls)
par-m30   Parris Training Rifle
LD-007   Pattern 1861 Cartridge Box, H.A. Dingee, .58, By L.D. Haning
LEATH-23   Pecard Leather Cream
per-099   Pecard Leather Dressing
LEATH-22   Pecard Leather Oil
ART-007   Pendulum Hausse Sight Case
KNI-003   Pennsylvania Bag Knife
B-2   Pennsylvania Car Magnet
Beltplate-21   Pennsylvania Oval Belt Plate
SB-039   Pennsylvania State Button
SEKELA-073   Peter Tait Infantry Trousers, By N.J. Sekela
SEKELA-044   Peter Tait Jacket, by N.J. Sekela, Size 36
BUT-088   Pewter Block 'A' (Artillery) Button
BUT-091   Pewter Block 'C' (Cavalry) Button
BUT-086   Pewter Block 'I' (Infantry) Small Button
BUT-061   Pewter Button, 4 Hole
Gifts-44   Pewter Civil War Reenactor Pin
Gifts-55   Pewter Cross Cannons Gettysburg Pin
Gifts-47   Pewter Crossed Muskets, Descendant of a Confederate Soldier Pin
Gifts-45   Pewter Crossed Muskets, Gettysburg 1863 Pin
Gifts-35   Pewter Crossed Sabers with Gettysburg Pin
Gifts-40   Pewter Crossed Sabers, 1861-1865 Pin
Gifts-56   Pewter Descendant of a Union Soldier Cross Sabers Pin
Gifts-39   Pewter Eagle with Gettysburg Pin
Gifts-36   Pewter Irish Brigade Harp Pin
Gifts-43   Pewter Kepi with Gettysburg Pin
Gifts-37   Pewter Minie Bullet with Gettysburg Pin
Gifts-34   Pewter Musket Ball w/Gettysburg Pin
MB-6758   Pewter Plated 2 1/2" Candle Snuffer
Gifts-42   Pewter Rebel Flag Pin
Gifts-52   Pewter Scouting Gettysburg Pin
Gifts-54   Pewter Unknown Soldier Grave with Musket and Kepi Pin
CARD-01   Pharo Card Deck
BAY-843   Philadelphia M1863 Original Springfield .58cal Scabbard with Maker's Mark and Inspector Stamp
BOOK-019   Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg: A Guide to the Most Famous Attack in American History
Book-034   Pictorial Encyclopedia of Civil War Medical Instruments and Equipment Volume 1
PART-034   Pietta Hammer Roller Pin
PART-033   Pietta Mainspring
REV-004   Pietta Spiller & Burr Confederate Revolver, .36cal
GUN-013   Pietta Spiller & Burr Confederate Revolver, .36cal (Like New)
PART-032   Pietta Trigger and Stop Spring
PART-032A   Pietta Trigger and Stop Spring for the Army and Navy Revolvers.
WES-011   Pinkerton National Detective Agency Badge
GUN-89   Pistol Cleaning Kit
GUN-37   Pistol Wedge Punch
HEEL-12   Plain Heel Plates
PER-001   Pocket Watch
CAV-030   Pommel Shield
ART-082   Portable Forge, Equipment for Mountain Artillery, 1848-1885 (No 29)
PER-95   Pot Scrubber
FLAG-016A   POW-MIA Flag, Cotton
FLAG-31   POW/MIA Flag
WAMBAUGH-18   Premium Hand-Sewn CS Issue Shirt, by Wambaugh, White & Co.
MB-5570   Primer Powder Horn
chevron-1   Principal Musicians Chevrons
SEKELA-074   Print Civilian Shirt by NJ Sekela
SHIRT-001   Print Shirt
DALEY-002   Private Weller's Overcoat, Size 38, by C.J. Daley
gifts-96   Proud to be American Folding Knife
INS-982A   Provost Badge
FIELD-55   Pvt. William Kean Handkerchief, 1st Co Richmond Howitzers
gift-56   Railroad Hat
Gifts-17   Railroad Paper Money, Set 1 of 2
Gifts-18   Railroad Paper Money, Set 2 of 2
WES-009   Railway Express Special Agent Badge
ART-056   Ranges of Parrott Guns, and Notes for Practice (No 18)
DIY-002   RD I Trim Kit, by Wambaugh, White & Co.
gift-46   Realistic Wound Tattoos
ACC-034   Rear Barrel Band (complete) for P53 3-Band Enfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-063   Rear Barrel Band for M1842 Springfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-011   Rear Barrel Band for M1861 Springfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-049   Rear Sight Assembly (Complete) for P53 3-Band Enfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-028   Rear Sight Assembly for M1861 Springfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-031C   Rear Sight Base Screw for M1861 Springfield, by ArmiSport
RQM-06   Rear Sight Screw, Euroarms Zouave
ACC-014   Rear Sling Swivel for M1861 Springfield, by ArmiSport
SWO-022   Red & Gold Handle Masonic Dagger
CAV-025   Reenactment Bit, 5" Sweet Iron Low Port Mouth
SiteReview   Regimental Quartermaster
PEN-001   Regimental Quartermaster Pen
INS-52   Regulation 5/8" Regimental Numbers, Hat Brass
ORI-826   Relic 12pdr Napolean Cannon Shot
ORI-825   Relic 3" Rifle Shot
ART-022   Replacement Brush
diy-123   Replacement buckle for Kepi/Forage Cap Strap
FIELD-12   Replacement Canteen Strap
FIELD-12A   Replacement Canteen Strap, Sewn Cotton
DIY-009   Replacement Sword Belt Hook
BALL-5   Reproduction .31 cal Pocket Pistol Ball (100 Qty)
BALL-4   Reproduction .36 cal Navy or Belt Pistol Ball (100 Qty)
BALL-3   Reproduction .44 cal Army or Belt Pistol Ball (100 Qty)

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