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CARD-01   Pharo Card Deck
BOOK-019   Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg: A Guide to the Most Famous Attack in American History
Book-034   Pictorial Encyclopedia of Civil War Medical Instruments and Equipment Volume 1
Book-035   Pictorial Encyclopedia of Civil War Medical Instruments and Equipment Volume 2
Book-036   Pictorial Encyclopedia of Civil War Medical Instruments and Equipment Volume 3
RQM-234   Pietta 1873 Cattleman Black Powder .44, 4.75" Barrel, Custom "John Wayne" style grips, Like New
PART-034   Pietta Hammer Roller Pin
PART-033   Pietta Mainspring
PART-032   Pietta Trigger and Stop Spring
PART-032A   Pietta Trigger and Stop Spring for the Army and Navy Revolvers.
WES-011   Pinkerton National Detective Agency Badge
GUN-89   Pistol Cleaning Kit
GUN-37   Pistol Wedge Punch
HEEL-12   Plain Heel Plates
PER-001   Pocket Watch
CAV-030   Pommel Shield
BUT-002   Poncho Hook
FIELD-31A   Poncho, Vulcanized Rubber
ART-082   Portable Forge, Equipment for Mountain Artillery, 1848-1885 (No 29)
PER-95   Pot Scrubber
FLAG-016A   POW-MIA Flag, Cotton
FLAG-31   POW/MIA Flag
COIN-002   President Abraham Lincoln and Gettysburg Address Commemorative Medallion
COIN-003   President Lincoln and General Lee Commemorative Medallions
MB-5570   Primer Powder Horn
chevron-1   Principal Musicians Chevrons
SHIRT-001   Print Shirt
JW-032   Private Purchase Federal Forage Cap, Size 6, By J. Willis
HAT-030   Private Purchase Federal Kepi. Size 7-1/8", by NJ Sekela
BH-031   Private Purchase/Officer McDowell Style Forage Cap, By Bristol Hollow, Size 7-5/8
DALEY-002   Private Weller's Overcoat, Size 38, by C.J. Daley
INS-982A   Provost Badge
FIELD-55   Pvt. William Kean Handkerchief, 1st Co Richmond Howitzers
gift-56   Railroad Hat
Gifts-17   Railroad Paper Money, Set 1 of 2
Gifts-18   Railroad Paper Money, Set 2 of 2
WES-009   Railway Express Special Agent Badge
ART-056   Ranges of Parrott Guns, and Notes for Practice (No 18)
DIY-002   RD I Trim Kit, by Wambaugh, White & Co.
gift-46   Realistic Wound Tattoos
ACC-034   Rear Barrel Band (complete) for P53 3-Band Enfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-011   Rear Barrel Band for M1861 Springfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-049   Rear Sight Assembly (Complete) for P53 3-Band Enfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-028   Rear Sight Assembly for M1861 Springfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-031C   Rear Sight Base Screw for M1861 Springfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-014   Rear Sling Swivel for M1861 Springfield, by ArmiSport
SWO-022   Red & Gold Handle Masonic Dagger
CAV-025   Reenactment Bit, 5" Sweet Iron Low Port Mouth
SiteReview   Regimental Quartermaster
PEN-001   Regimental Quartermaster Pen
INS-52   Regulation 5/8" Regimental Numbers, Hat Brass
REV-703C   Remington Style Black Powder Flask, Hunting Dogs and Birds
ART-022   Replacement Brush
FIELD-12   Replacement Canteen Strap
BAY-003   Replacement Scabbard Tip, Springfield
DIY-009   Replacement Sword Belt Hook
BALL-5   Reproduction .31 cal Pocket Pistol Ball (100 Qty)
BALL-4   Reproduction .36 cal Navy or Belt Pistol Ball (100 Qty)
BALL-3   Reproduction .44 cal Army or Belt Pistol Ball (100 Qty)
BALL-1   Reproduction .577 cal Pritchett Ball (25 Qty)
BALL-2   Reproduction .58 cal Springfield Minie Ball (25 Qty)
ORI-078   Reproduction 1842 Springfield Slide Plate ( Lock Plate ) Screw
ORI-080   Reproduction 1842 Springfield Tang Screw
DIY-021   Reproduction Arsenal Grease
ORI-268   Reproduction Burnside Carbine Sear for an Original
ORI-265   Reproduction Burnside Carbine Sight & Screw for an Original
TIN-022   Reproduction Cartridge Box Tins.
PART-016   Reproduction Clean-Out Screw
RQM-233   Reproduction Confederate New Army Remington, Made by Pietta, Brass Frame, .44 Cal, Refurbished
CHAIR-3   Reproduction Hand-Made Folding Camp Chair, Black Walnut
CHAIR-5   Reproduction Hand-Made Folding Camp Chair, Cherry Wood
PART-013   Reproduction Loading Lever for Dragoon Pistol
ORI-255   Reproduction M1816 Springfield Hews and Philips (H&P) Rear Sight
GUN-007B   Reproduction M1860 Colt Army "Sheriffs" Model
NK-008   Reproduction New Model Remington, Made by Pietta, Shooters Sights, .44 Cal
PART-018   Reproduction Sharps Carbine Sling Ring
PART-020   Reproduction Sharps Carbine/Rifle Front Tang Screw
PART-024   Reproduction Sharps Carbine/Rifle Lockplate Screw
PART-019   Reproduction Sharps Carbine/Rifle Mainspring
PART-023   Reproduction Sharps Carbine/Rifle Trigger
PART-022   Reproduction Sharps Carbine/Rifle Tumbler
PART-021   Reproduction Sharps Carbine/Rifle Tumbler with Stirrup
PART-015   Reproduction Sharps Hammer Screw
PART-014   Reproduction Sharps Hinge/Take-down Pin.
PART-017   Reproduction Sharps Sear, Armi-Sport
ORI-037   Reproduction Side Plate Rear Screw: M1855-1864 Springfield
ORI-038   Reproduction Tang Screw: M1855-1864 Springfield
PART-036   Reproduction Trigger Plate for J.P. Murray Carbine
GUN-025   Reusable Cleaning Cloth
CAV-010   Revolver Cartridge Box
LEATH-032   Revolver Cartridge Box, U.S. Made
GUN-5   Revolver Nipples for Pietta or Uberti
CEU-018   Richmond Depot Type 3 Shell Jacket
LD-005   Richmond Arsenal Painted Canvas Waist Belt, By L.D. Haning & Co. Size 43-48
BH-007   Richmond Clothing Bureau (Depot Issue) Kepi by Bristol Hollow, Size 22" (7)
BH-008   Richmond Clothing Bureau (Depot Issue) Kepi by Bristol Hollow, Size 22" (7)
BH-022   Richmond Clothing Bureau (Depot) Type I Jacket by Bristol Hollow, Size 40
SEKELA-010   Richmond Depot II, Made with English Army Cloth by Sekela
RQM-04   Richmond Depot Jacket, Made from Wambaugh, White, & Co. Kit, Size 52
WAMBAUGH-30   Richmond Depot Trousers from Wambaugh, White, and Co. Kit, Size 40
CEU-001   Richmond Depot Type 1 Shell Jacket
WAMBAUGH-2   Richmond Depot Type 2 Shell Jacket, by Wambaugh, White & Co.
CEU-007   Richmond Depot Type II Shell Jacket
kni-56   Rifleman's Bowie Knife
Gifts-25   Robert E. Lee Bust
Gifts-25B   Robert E. Lee Bust (Bronze)
LEATH-009   Roller Buckle Belt
LEATH-012B   Rough Out Federal Issue Waist Belt with sewn on keeper
Glasses-5   Round Sunglasses - Double Hinged Bow 18th Century Style - Bronze Frame
BOOK-013   Rules for Management & Cleaning of the Rifle Musket - Model 1855
BOOK-014   Rules for Management and Cleaning of the Rifle Musket - Model 1863
diy-112   Saber Belt Stud
KNI-2   Santa Fe Hunter Knife
FOU-024   Sashes-Wool and Silk
BAY-006   Scabbard Only, Enfield
dvd-038   School of the Soldier, Program 1
dvd-039   School of the Soldier, Program 2
WAMBAUGH-9S   Schuylkill Arsenal Trousers, Machine and Hand-Sewn, 34-30, By Wambaugh, White, & Co.
ACC-021   Sear for M1861 Springfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-042   Sear for P53 3-Band Enfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-022   Sear Screw for M1861 Springfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-043   Sear Screw for P53 3-Band Enfield, by ArmiSport
ORI-003   Sear Screw, M1855-M1884 Springfield, Original
ACC-023   Sear Spring for M1861 Springfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-044   Sear Spring for P53 3-Band Enfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-024   Sear Spring Screw for M1861 Springfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-045   Sear Spring Screw for P53 3-Band Enfield, by ArmiSport
ORI-004   Sear Spring Screw, Original
T-SHIRT-005   Second Amendment T-Shirt
Tie-01   Self Tie Cotton Cravat
TENT-006   Sergeant's Wall Tent
INS-004   Service Stripes
ORI-166   Sharps Barrel Block, Original
ORI-150   Sharps Butt Plate with Cut-Out for Patch Box, Origianl
ORI-174   Sharps Carbine Sling Swivel Bar, Original
ORI-152   Sharps Double Set Trigger Plate, Original
ORI-138   Sharps Front Lock Plate Screw, Original
ORI-148   Sharps Front Tang Screw, Original
ORI-130   Sharps Hammer Screw, Original
ORI-147   Sharps Hinge Pin Stop Screw, Original
ORI-146   Sharps Hinge Pin Stop, Original
ORI-145   Sharps Hinge Pin, Percussion, Original
ORI-162   Sharps Lever Catch Spring, Original
ORI-160   Sharps Lever Catch, Original
ORI-156   Sharps Lever Spring, Original
ORI-155   Sharps Lever, Percussion
ORI-131   Sharps Lock Plate, Original
ORI-131A   Sharps Lock Plate, Original
ORI-129   Sharps Lock Plate, Original, Complete
ORI-144   Sharps Pellet Cut Off Screw
ORI-140   Sharps Pellet Feed Cover
ORI-141   Sharps Pellet Feed Cover Spring
ORI-142   Sharps Pellet Feed Cover Spring Screw, Original
ORI-143   Sharps Pellet Magazine Spring Screw
ORI-139   Sharps Rear Lock Plate Screw, Original
ORI-177   Sharps Rear Sight Base Screw, Reproduction
ORI-176   Sharps Rear Sight Guard Base
ORI-149   Sharps Rear Tang Screw, Original
ORI-132   Sharps Sear, Original
ORI-159   Sharps Toggle to Block Screw, Original
ORI-157   Sharps Toggle to Lever Screw, Original
ORI-158   Sharps Toggle, Original
ORI-154   Sharps Trigger
ORI-153   Sharps Trigger Screw, Original
ORI-172   Sharps/Spencer Band Spring
ORI-137   Sharps/Spencer Bridle, Original
ORI-175   Sharps/Spencer Carbine Saddle Ring, Reproduction
ORI-168   Sharps/Spencer Fore Stock Screw
ORI-167   Sharps/Spencer Fore Stock Screw Washer
ORI-171   Sharps/Spencer Lower Rifle Band, Original
ORI-136   Sharps/Spencer Mainspring Screw, Original
ORI-135   Sharps/Spencer Mainspring, Original
ORI-170   Sharps/Spencer Middle Rifle Band, Original
ORI-164   Sharps/Spencer Nose Cap, Rifle, Original
ORI-178   Sharps/Spencer Rear Sight Ladder Screw
ORI-179   Sharps/Spencer Rear Sight Ladder Slide, Original
ORI-173   Sharps/Spencer Rear Swivel Base, Original
ORI-151   Sharps/Spencer Trigger Plate and Rear Swivel Base Wood Screw, Original
ORI-134   Sharps/Spencer Tumbler Stirrup
ORI-169   Sharps/Spencer Upper Rifle Band, Original
HYGIENE-5   Shaving Soap in Tin
PACKAGE-2   Shelter Package
FIELD-41   Shelter tent ( dog tent ) pole
TENT-008   Shelter Tent (Dog Tent)
TENT-009   Shelter Tent End Piece
TENT-011   Shelter Tent Half
WES-013   Sheriff Shield Badge
WES-006   Sheriff Star Badge
wall-01   Shooter's Wallet
FEU-006A   Shoulder Scale Attachment Set
GUN-005   Side by Side 10-Gauge Barrel Shotgun, Waterfowl Lockplate by Pedersoli
ORI-005   Sight Base Screw, Original
INS-115   Signal Corps Officer Embroidered Hat Insignia
LEATH-019   Single Billet Belt, Houston Depot
LEATH-035   Single Cylinder Pouch
ART-059   Six Civil War Cannon on a No. 1 Field Carriage by Antique Ordnance Publishers (No 12)
KNI-061   Skinner Patch Knife
per-127   Slave Tag
ACC-015   Sling Swivel Pin for M1861 Springfield, by ArmiSport
Gifts-67   Sliver and Black Mason Pin

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