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GUN-029   Nipple Protector/Snapcap
LEATH-30   Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Belt, Made in Gettysburg, PA
BUT-045   North Carolina State Seal Button
Beltplate-54   North Carolina 2-Piece Buckle
Beltplate-55   North Carolina 2-Piece State Seal Buckle
Beltplate-53   North Carolina Belt Plate
Beltplate-53B   North Carolina Box Plate
INS-941   North Carolina Pin
SCHADE-003   North Carolina State Jacket, by B. Schade
BUT-053   North Carolina State Seal Button
BUT-044   North Carolina Sunburst Button
SB-029   North Dakota State Button
Gifts-28   Northern States Paper Money
ACC-031B   Nose Cap for M1861 Springfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-031A   Nose Cap Screw for M1861 Springfield, by ArmiSport
INS-96   NY Coat of Arms (Excelsoir), Hat Brass
INS-009   Oak Leaf Shoulder Boards
INS-119   Officer Embroidered Hardee Hat Insignia
FIELD-010   Officer Field Notebook
FIELD-010A   Officer Field Notebook in Moroccan Red Leather
HAT-11   Officer Hat Cord, Gold and Black
HAT-16   Officer Kepi
PACKAGE-4   Officer Slouch Hat Package
KNI-14   Officer's Bone/Brass Handle Damascus Knife
PACKAGE-3   Officer's Desk Set
HAT-018   Officer's Hardee Hat
swo-45   Officer's Sword Knot
TENT-005   Officer's Wall Tent
SEKELA-060   Officer/Civilian Shoes by N.J. Sekela
HAT-5   Officer/Civilian Slouch Hat
swo-46   Officer/NCO Black Leather Sword Knot
Beltplate-17   Ohio Belt Plate
Beltplate-17A   Ohio Breast Plate
SB-036   Ohio State Button
Beltplate-18   Ohio Sword Belt Plate
CAD-042A   Oiled Tan Wallet by C.A. Davisson
CAD-042   Oiled Tan Wallet by C.A. Davisson
SB-037   Oklahoma State Button
BUT-016   Ordnance Deptartment Officer Button
INS-30   Ordnance Enlisted Hat Insignia
BOOK-037   Ordnance Memoranda No. 29 Horse Equipments and Cavalry Accoutrements
SB-038   Oregon State Button
ORI-052   Original Band Screws: M1863-1864 and M1861 Special Model
ORI-298   Original .58 Caliber Ball Screw
BAY-778   Original 1842 Bayonet, Missing Locking Ring
BAY-827   Original 1842 Bayonet, Missing Locking Ring
ORI-062B   Original 1842 Harpers Ferry Hammer
ORI-083B   Original 1842 Springfield Band Spring
ORI-067   Original 1842 Springfield Bridle
ORI-075A   Original 1842 Springfield Butt Plate (Grey Patina)
ORI-076   Original 1842 Springfield Butt Plate Screw
ORI-062   Original 1842 Springfield Hammer
ORI-062A   Original 1842 Springfield Hammer
ORI-081   Original 1842 Springfield Lower Band
ORI-066   Original 1842 Springfield Mainspring
ORI-083   Original 1842 Springfield Middle Band
ORI-083A   Original 1842 Springfield Middle Band
ORI-064   Original 1842 Springfield Sear
ORI-065   Original 1842 Springfield Sear Spring
ORI-068   Original 1842 Springfield Sear Spring Screw
ORI-077   Original 1842 Springfield Side Plate ( Lock Plate ) Screw
ORI-079   Original 1842 Springfield Slide Plate
ORI-080A   Original 1842 Springfield Tang Screw
ORI-082   Original 1842 Springfield Top Band
ORI-073   Original 1842 Springfield Trigger
ORI-071   Original 1842 Springfield Trigger Guard
ORI-072   Original 1842 Springfield Trigger Guard Plate
ORI-070   Original 1842 Springfield Trigger Guard with Swivel
ORI-070A   Original 1842 Springfield Trigger Guard with Swivel and Screws
ORI-074   Original 1842 Springfield Trigger Screw
ORI-063   Original 1842 Springfield Tumbler
BAY-846   Original 1847 Artillery Musketoon Bayonet
BAY-813   Original 1847 Artillery Musketoon Bayonet, Missing Locking Ring
ORI-4   Original 1861 J. Henry & Sons Saber Rifle, only 70 made
RQM-59   Original 1863 Lock Plate, E. Robinson Manufacture
ORI-006   Original 1864 Leather Carbine Sling wtih Swivel Snap
RQM-61   Original 1864 Lock Plate, Parkers' Snow & Co. Manufacture
RQM-62   Original 1864 Lock Plate, Savage R.F.A. Co Manufacture
ORI-056   Original 1870s Ohio State Seal Button
RQM-64   Original 1918 Dated 1911 Holster
GUN-685   Original and Extremely Rare English Double Barrel Percussion Pistol, .40cal
GUN-773   Original Austrian Model 1854 "Lorenz" Rifle Musket
ORI-032   Original Band Spring: M1855 and M1861 Springfield
ORI-033   Original Band Spring:M1863-1864 and M1861 Special Model
GUN-003   Original Belgian Brass Barrel Percussion Boot Pistol ca. 1845, .46cal
ORI-042   Original Breech Plug: M1855-1864 Springfield.
ORI-023   Original Bridle:M1855-1864 Springfield
ART-002-   Original British Colonial Artillery Sponge Bucket, Early-1800s
ORI-282   Original Burnside Breech Block Locking Toggle
ORI-288   Original Burnside Breech Block Pivot Screw
ORI-284   Original Burnside Breech Block to Lever Screw
ORI-269   Original Burnside Carbine Bridle
ORI-267   Original Burnside Carbine Butt Plate
ORI-266   Original Burnside Carbine Hammer
ORI-266B   Original Burnside Carbine Hammer Screw
ORI-264   Original Burnside Carbine Lever Catch
ORI-262   Original Burnside Carbine Lever to Block Link Hinge
ORI-280   Original Burnside Carbine Rear Breech Block w/Nipple, SN#8816
ORI-265A   Original Burnside Carbine Sight & Screw
ORI-270   Original Burnside Carbine Sling Bar
ORI-270A   Original Burnside Carbine Sling Bar Screw
ORI-263   Original Burnside Carbine Top Strap Plate
ORI-261   Original Burnside Carbine Trigger
ORI-289   Original Burnside Finger Lever Screw
ORI-281   Original Burnside Front & Rear Breech Block Matched Set, SN#39554
ORI-286   Original Burnside Hinge to Block Screw
ORI-287   Original Burnside Leaver Pin, Detent, Spring & Plug Screw
ORI-290   Original Burnside Leaver to Block Screw
ORI-260   Original Burnside Mainspring
ORI-291   Original Burnside Rear Swivel Assembly
ORI-263A   Original Burnside Top Strap Screw
RQM-22   Original C.W. Contract Lock Plate-E. Robinson New York/1863
RQM-24   Original C.W. Contract Lock Plate-Wm Mason, Taunton
ORI-297   Original C.W. Musket Worm .58 CAL
gifts-94A   Original Civil War Bullet
GUN-752   Original Colt SM1861 Springfield Musket, dtd 1863
ORI-024   Original Complete Trigger Guard:M1855-1864 Springfield
GUN-776   Original Confederate 1st Model Maynard Carbine, .50cal, SN 283
gifts-94   Original Dug .58 Cal Minie Ball
ORI-801   Original Early Hardpack made by R. Nece & Co. of Philadelphia
ORI-104   Original Enfield Bridle
ORI-103   Original Enfield Mainspring
ORI-101   Original Enfield Nose Cap, Brass
ORI-102   Original Enfield Sear
ORI-057   Original Enfield Sergeant's Tool (Complete)
ORI-102A   Original Enfield Trigger Assembly (from an E.P. Bond)
ORI-102B   Original Enfield Trigger Guard (from an E.P. Bond)
ORI-036A   Original Front Lockplate Screw, 1861 Springfield
ORI-014A   Original Hammer, Model 1861 Springfield
ORI-014   Original Hammer: M1861 Springfield
ORI-015   Original Hammer:1861 Special Model
ORI-016   Original Hammer:Models 1863-64
ORI-301   Original J.E.B. Stuart Sword Hanger
ORI-5   Original L.B. Taylor Single Shot Derringer, .32cal
ORI-713   Original L.W. Pond Revolver, .32cal (SN 3542)
ORI-051   Original Lower Band Solid: M1864 Springfield
ORI-049   Original Lower Barrel Band: M1855 and M1861 Springfield
ORI-049A   Original Lower Barrel Band: M1855 and M1861 Springfield
GUN-777   Original M1777 "Charleville" Percussion Conversion Musket
GUN-646   Original M1809 Belgian Musket, .69cal Rifled
BAY-502   Original M1809 Potsdam Bayonet
BAY-830   Original M1809 Potsdam Bayonet
BAY-831   Original M1809 Potsdam Bayonet
GUN-235   Original M1809 Potsdam Smoothbore Musket, dated 1819
ORI-296   Original M1809 Prussian Cleaning Jag
ORI-114A   Original M1816 3-Band Spring Set
ORI-124   Original M1816 Bridle
ORI-107   Original M1816 Butt Plate Screw
ORI-128   Original M1816 Complete Trigger Guard Minus Swivel
GUN-770   Original M1816 H&P Conversion Springfield Musket by N. Starr, 1862 Smoothbore
ORI-116   Original M1816 Hammer
ORI-114   Original M1816 Lower and Middle Band Spring
ORI-110   Original M1816 Lower Band
ORI-111   Original M1816 Lower Band (Dark Patina)
ORI-118   Original M1816 Mainspring
ORI-119   Original M1816 Mainspring Screw
ORI-112   Original M1816 Middle Band with Swivel
ORI-125   Original M1816 Remington Conversion Hammer
ORI-127   Original M1816 Remington Conversion Mainspring
ORI-126   Original M1816 Remington Conversion Tumbler
GUN-667   Original M1816 Remington Maynard Tape Primer Conversion, dated 1857
ORI-120   Original M1816 Sear
ORI-121   Original M1816 Sear Spring
ORI-122   Original M1816 Sear Spring Screw
BAY-834   Original M1816 Springfield Bayonet
BAY-833   Original M1816 Springfield Bayonet, Remington and H&P Conversion
ORI-095   Original M1816 Springfield Lockplate, dated 1838
GUN-521   Original M1816 Springfield Musket by N. Starr
ORI-113   Original M1816 Top Band
ORI-117   Original M1816 Trigger
ORI-108   Original M1816 Trigger Guard with Swivel
ORI-108A   Original M1816 Trigger Guard with Swivel
ORI-109   Original M1816 Trigger Guard Wood Screw
ORI-123   Original M1816 Tumbler
ORI-293   Original M1816-1842 .69 Caliber Worm
GUN-690   Original M1822/1828 Harpers Ferry Smoothbore Musket, dated 1836
GL-10   Original M1840 Musician Sword, Ames Mfg. 1862
GL-08   Original M1840 NCO Sword, Ames Mfg. 1862
GL-09   Original M1840 NCO Sword, Ames Mfg. 1864
GL-12   Original M1840 NCO Sword, J.H. Wilson Mfg.
ORI-098   Original M1842 Harpers Ferry Musket Wrench Stamped "U.S."
ORI-061C   Original M1842 Lockplate Screw
ORI-061B   Original M1842 Lockplate Screw (#8 Stamp)
ORI-099   Original M1842 Musket Wrench
RQM-65   Original M1842 Springfield Bayonet
ORI-069A   Original M1842 Springfield Bridle Screw
ORI-793   Original M1842 Springfield Leather Sling, Marked Watervilet
ORI-061A   Original M1842 Springfield Lockplate dated 1847
ORI-084   Original M1842 Springfield Lockplate dated 1848
ORI-097   Original M1842 Springfield Lockplate, dated 1855
ORI-069   Original M1842 Springfield Mainspring Screw
ORI-069B   Original M1842 Springfield Sear Screw
ORI-072A   Original M1842 Trigger Guard Front Wood Screw
ORI-072B   Original M1842 Trigger Guard Rear Wood Screw
ORI-250   Original M1854 Austrian Lorenz Rear Sight
BAY-832   Original M1855 "Collins & Co’ Springfield Bayonet
ORI-295   Original M1855 .58 Caliber Worm
ORI-294   Original M1855 .69 Caliber Worm
GUN-775   Original M1855 Harpers Ferry 2-Band Rifled Musket, dated 1859
ORI-242   Original M1855 Musket Wrench.

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