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ORI-006   Original 1864 Leather Carbine Sling wtih Swivel Snap
RQM-61   Original 1864 Lock Plate, Parkers' Snow & Co. Manufacture
RQM-62   Original 1864 Lock Plate, Savage R.F.A. Co Manufacture
ORI-056   Original 1870s Ohio State Seal Button
GUN-685   Original and Extremely Rare English Double Barrel Percussion Pistol, .40cal
BAY-861   Original Austrian M1854 Lorenz Bayonet & Scabbard
GUN-773   Original Austrian Model 1854 Lorenz Rifle Musket
ORI-243   Original Ball Puller for the Model 1816 Converson Musket
GUN-001   Original Ballard Carbine, .38cal Rimfire, SN# 200 (1862/1863 Mfg.)
ORI-032   Original Band Spring: M1855 and M1861 Springfield
ORI-033   Original Band Spring:M1863-1864 and M1861 Special Model
ORI-008   Original Bayonet Locking Ring Screw, M1855-1865
ORI-007   Original Bayonet Locking Ring w/screw, M1855-1865 .58cal Bayonet
GUN-003   Original Belgian Brass Barrel Percussion Boot Pistol ca. 1845, .46cal
ORI-041B   Original Brass Nose Cap, M1855 Springfield & M1862 Richmond
ORI-042   Original Breech Plug: M1855-1864 Springfield.
ORI-002   Original Bridle Screw, M1855-1884 Springfield
ORI-023   Original Bridle:M1855-1864 Springfield
ART-002-   Original British Colonial Artillery Sponge Bucket, Early-1800s
ORI-282   Original Burnside Breech Block Locking Toggle
ORI-284   Original Burnside Breech Block to Lever Screw
ORI-301   Original Burnside Carbine Barrel & Receiver
ORI-269   Original Burnside Carbine Bridle
ORI-267   Original Burnside Carbine Butt Plate
ORI-266   Original Burnside Carbine Hammer
ORI-266B   Original Burnside Carbine Hammer Screw
ORI-262   Original Burnside Carbine Lever to Block Link Hinge
ORI-280   Original Burnside Carbine Rear Breech Block w/Nipple, SN#8816
ORI-265A   Original Burnside Carbine Sight & Screw
ORI-270   Original Burnside Carbine Sling Bar
ORI-270A   Original Burnside Carbine Sling Bar Screw
ORI-263   Original Burnside Carbine Top Strap Plate
ORI-289   Original Burnside Finger Lever Screw
ORI-286   Original Burnside Hinge to Block Screw
ORI-287   Original Burnside Leaver Pin, Detent, Spring & Plug Screw
ORI-290   Original Burnside Leaver to Block Screw
ORI-260   Original Burnside Mainspring
ORI-291   Original Burnside Rear Swivel Assembly
ORI-263A   Original Burnside Top Strap Screw
ORI-035   Original Butt Plate Screw: M1855-1864 Springfield
ORI-034A   Original Butt Plate, M1855-1864 Springfield
RQM-22   Original C.W. Contract Lock Plate-E. Robinson New York/1863
RQM-24   Original C.W. Contract Lock Plate-Wm Mason, Taunton
ORI-297   Original C.W. Musket Worm .58 CAL
ORI-712   Original Carbine Cartridge Box
gifts-94A   Original Civil War Bullet
ORI-024   Original Complete Trigger Guard:M1855-1864 Springfield
gifts-94   Original Dug .58 Cal Minie Ball
ORI-801   Original Early Hardpack made by R. Nece & Co. of Philadelphia
ORI-104   Original Enfield Bridle
ORI-101A   Original Enfield Front Band Swivel
ORI-103   Original Enfield Mainspring
ORI-101   Original Enfield Nose Cap, Brass
ORI-102   Original Enfield Sear
ORI-102A   Original Enfield Sear Spring
ORI-057   Original Enfield Sergeant's Tool (Complete)
ORI-102B   Original Enfield Trigger Assembly (from an E.P. Bond)
ORI-102C   Original Enfield Trigger Guard (from an E.P. Bond)
ORI-103A   Original Enfield Tumbler and Stirrup
ORI-036A   Original Front Lockplate Screw, 1861 Springfield
ORI-001   Original Hammer Screw, M1855 to 1884 Springfield
ORI-014A   Original Hammer, Model 1861 Springfield
ORI-014   Original Hammer: M1861 Springfield
ORI-015   Original Hammer:1861 Special Model
ORI-401   Original J.E.B. Stuart Sword Hanger
GUN-681   Original L.B. Taylor Single Shot Derringer, .32cal
GUN-713   Original L.W. Pond Revolver, .32cal (SN 3542)
ORI-051   Original Lower Band Solid: M1864 Springfield
ORI-049A   Original Lower Barrel Band: M1855 and M1861 Springfield
GUN-977   Original M1777 "Charleville" Percussion Conversion Musket
GUN-646   Original M1809 Belgian Musket, .69cal Rifled
BAY-502   Original M1809 Potsdam Bayonet
BAY-830   Original M1809 Potsdam Bayonet
GUN-235   Original M1809 Potsdam Smoothbore Musket, dated 1819
ORI-296   Original M1809 Prussian Cleaning Jag
ORI-114A   Original M1816 3-Band Spring Set
ORI-124   Original M1816 Bridle
ORI-106   Original M1816 Butt Plate
ORI-107   Original M1816 Butt Plate Screw
ORI-128   Original M1816 Complete Trigger Guard Minus Swivel
ORI-114   Original M1816 Lower and Middle Band Spring
ORI-110   Original M1816 Lower Band
ORI-111   Original M1816 Lower Band (Dark Patina)
ORI-118   Original M1816 Mainspring
ORI-119   Original M1816 Mainspring Screw
ORI-112   Original M1816 Middle Band with Swivel
ORI-125A   Original M1816 Remington Conversion Door and Knob
ORI-125   Original M1816 Remington Conversion Hammer
ORI-127   Original M1816 Remington Conversion Mainspring
ORI-126   Original M1816 Remington Conversion Tumbler
ORI-120   Original M1816 Sear
ORI-121   Original M1816 Sear Spring
ORI-122   Original M1816 Sear Spring Screw
BAY-834   Original M1816 Springfield Bayonet
BAY-853   Original M1816 Springfield Bayonet
BAY-833   Original M1816 Springfield Bayonet, Remington and H&P Conversion
ORI-095   Original M1816 Springfield Lockplate, dated 1838
ORI-113   Original M1816 Top Band
ORI-117   Original M1816 Trigger
ORI-108   Original M1816 Trigger Guard with Swivel
ORI-108A   Original M1816 Trigger Guard with Swivel
ORI-109   Original M1816 Trigger Guard Wood Screw
ORI-123   Original M1816 Tumbler
ORI-293   Original M1816-1842 .69 Caliber Worm
ORI-105   Original M1816/M1842 Nipple
GUN-690   Original M1822/1828 Harpers Ferry Smoothbore Musket, dated 1836
BAY-847   Original M1835/1842 Springfield Bayonet, Excellent Condition
GL-10   Original M1840 Musician Sword, Ames Mfg. 1862
GL-09   Original M1840 NCO Sword, Ames Mfg. 1864
GL-12   Original M1840 NCO Sword, J.H. Wilson Mfg.
GUN-788   Original M1842 Harpers Ferry Smoothbore, dated 1851 (barrel dated 1852)
ORI-061C   Original M1842 Lockplate Screw
ORI-061B   Original M1842 Lockplate Screw (#8 Stamp)
RQM-65   Original M1842 Springfield Bayonet
ORI-069A   Original M1842 Springfield Bridle Screw
ORI-793   Original M1842 Springfield Leather Sling, Marked Watervilet
ORI-084   Original M1842 Springfield Lockplate dated 1848
ORI-097   Original M1842 Springfield Lockplate, dated 1855
ORI-069B   Original M1842 Springfield Sear Screw
ORI-072A   Original M1842 Trigger Guard Front Wood Screw
ORI-072B   Original M1842 Trigger Guard Rear Wood Screw
BAY-832   Original M1855 "Collins & Co’ Springfield Bayonet
ORI-295   Original M1855 .58 Caliber Worm
ORI-294   Original M1855 .69 Caliber Worm
ORI-864   Original M1855-M1863 Springfield Leather Sling
GUN-551   Original M1857 Smith Carbine .50cal
GUN-777   Original M1860 Army Colt, SN 1158101 (1866)
ORI-273   Original M1861 Bridesburg Lockplate, dated 1864
RQM-23   Original M1861 Lock Plate marked 1863
ORI-091A   Original M1861 Lock Plate, Savage R.F.A. Co. Manufacture, dated 1863
ORI-279   Original M1861 Lockplate Parkers' Snow & Co., dtd 1864
ORI-093   Original M1861 Lockplate Plate, Providence Tool Co, Dated 1863
ORI-094   Original M1861 Lockplate Plate, Windsor Locks, Dated 1863
ORI-046B   Original M1861 Middle Band with swivel
ORI-046A   Original M1861 Middle Band without swivel
ORI-271   Original M1861 Norwich Arms Lockplate, dated 1864
ORI-274   Original M1861 Norwich Lockplate, dated 1864
ORI-278   Original M1861 Special U.S. L.G-&Y. Windsor-VT, dtd 1864
ORI-277   Original M1861 Springfield Complete Lockplate, dtd 1862
ORI-086   Original M1861 Springfield Lockplate dated 1862
ORI-086A   Original M1861 Springfield Lockplate dated 1862
ORI-092   Original M1861 Springfield Lockplate dated 1864
ORI-094A   Original M1861 Springfield Lockplate, Bridesburg, Dated 1862
ORI-093A   Original M1861 Springfield Lockplate, Bridesburg, Dated 1863
GUN-726   Original M1862 Army Colt Pocket Police Revolver
ORI-275   Original M1863 Springfield Complete Lockplate dated 1863
ORI-276   Original M1863 Springfield Complete Lockplate dated 1864
ORI-047   Original M1863/1864 Middle Band
RQM-63   Original M1893 7mm. Mauser Rifle Socket Bayonet
ORI-746   Original M1896 Pistol Box, Early Pattern
ORI-300   Original Maynard Carbine Nipple
ORI-841   Original Maynard Tape Primer
RQM-60   Original Model 1878 Spanish American War Canteen
ORI-041   Original Nose Cap Screw: M1855-1864 Springfield
ORI-041A   Original Nose Cap, Model 1855-1864
GUN-683   Original P.S. Justice 3-Band Rifled Musket, .69cal (1861)
GUN-779   Original P53 Enfield 3-Band Musket, dated 1862
RQM-002   Original Post War Presentation Sword
RQM-27   Original Providence Tool Company Contract Lock Plate
ORI-053   Original Ram Rod Spring (Spoon): M1863-1864 and M1861 Special Model Springfield
ORI-037A   Original Rear Lockplate Screw, 1861 Springfield
ORI-039B   Original rear sight leaf screw 1861-64 Springfield
ORI-039A   Original rear sight lower leaf 1861-64 Springfield
ORI-054   Original Remington Rolling Block Rifle and Carbine Tool
BAY-828   Original Remington Rolling Block Socket Bayonet
ORI-082A   Original Rifled 1842 Springfield Top Band
ORI-244   Original Rogers, Spencer & Pettingill Pistol Tool
ORI-003   Original Sear Screw, M1855-M1884 Springfield
ORI-004   Original Sear Spring Screw, M1855-M1884 Springfield
ORI-021   Original Sear Spring:M1855-1864 Springfield
ORI-020   Original Sear:M1855-1864 Springfield
ORI-159A   Original Sharps Cartridge Breach Block
ORI-129B   Original Sharps Hammer, Cartridge
ORI-129A   Original Sharps Hammer, Percussion
PART-014A   Original Sharps Hinge/Take-down Pin.
ORI-180   Original Sharps Lever and Breech Block Assembly (Complete), Percussion
ORI-160   Original Sharps Lever Catch
ORI-161   Original Sharps Lever Catch Screw
ORI-163   Original Sharps Lever Catch Spring Screw
ORI-156A   Original Sharps Lever Spring Screw
ORI-129D   Original Sharps Lock Plate.
ORI-133   Original Sharps Tumbler
ORI-005   Original Sight Base Screw, M1855-1865
ORI-299   Original Smith Carbine Butt Plate
ORI-241   Original Spencer Carbine and Rifle Tool
ORI-241A   Original Spencer Civil War Tool
ORI-241B   Original Spencer Post Civil War Tool
ORI-043   Original Springfield 1861 Top Band: M1855 and 1861 Springfield
ORI-050   Original Springfield 1863 Lower Band Screw Type: M1863 and M1861 Special Model Springfield
RQM-25   Original Springfield Lock Plate dated 1863
RQM-18   Original Springfield Lock Plate-Dated 1864
ORI-046   Original Springfield Middle Band with swivel: M1863 and M1861 Special Model Springfield
ORI-048   Original Springfield Middle Swivel: M1863 and M1861 Special Model Springfield
ORI-302   Original Star Carbine Butt Plate
ORI-017   Original Stirrup/Pin:Model 1861, 1863, and 1864
ORI-027   Original Trigger Bow Nut:M1855-1864 Springfield
ORI-026   Original Trigger Bow:M1855-1864 Springfield
ORI-025   Original Trigger Guard:M1855-1864 Springfield
ORI-184   Original Trigger Plate and Trigger, complete
ORI-030   Original Trigger Plate: M1855-1864 Springfield

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