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REV-9A   Long Twisted Wire Fork, 12"
Beltplate-49   Louisiana Belt Plate
Beltplate-47   Louisiana Officer 2-Piece Buckle
BUT-037   Louisiana State Seal Button
Beltplate-48   Louisiana Sword Belt Plate
per-15a   Lye Soap
BAY-676   M1795 Original Springfield Bayonet
CAD-044   M1808 Bayonet Baldric
CAD-045   M1808 Bayonet Scabbard
CAD-043   M1808 Cartridge Box
CAD-046   M1808 Cartridge Box Belt
CAD-048   M1808 Leather Neck Stock
GUN-693   M1816 Springfield “Philadelphia Home Guard” Musket, one of 1,500, dated 1816
GUN-782   M1816 Springfield Belgium Conversion Musket, dated 1838
GUN-692   M1816 Springfield, A. Waters Contract, dated 1833
BAY-852   M1835-M1842 Original Springfield Bayonet in good condition
SWO-016   M1840 Artillery Enlisted Saber
SWO-017   M1840 Artillery Officer Saber
SWO-019   M1840 Cavalry/Dragoon Saber-"Wristbreaker"
SWO-005   M1840 Medical Officers' Sword
SWO-015   M1840 Musician's Sword
SWO-006   M1840 NCO Sword
ACC-007   M1842 Smoothbore Springfield Reproduction Ramrod, by ArmiSport
GUN-11A   M1842 Springfield Musket Sling - Canvas
GUN-6   M1842 Springfield Musket Sling - Heavy Duty
GUN-6B   M1842 Springfield Musket Sling - Heavy Duty Oiled
GUN-046   M1842 Springfield Smoothbore Musket by Armisport
GUN-555   M1842 US Aston Horse Percussion Pistol
LEATH-38   M1850 Cap Pouch "Early Pattern," made in Gettysburg, PA
SWO-001   M1850 Foot Officer Sword
LEATH-007   M1850 Shield Front Cap Pouch, Pre-War Pattern, Made in Gettysburg, PA
SWO-002   M1850 Staff & Field Officer Sword
LEATH-038A   M1851 Early Pattern Springfield Bayonet Scabbard, Made in Gettysburg, PA
Beltplate-78   M1851 Federal Eagle Sword Belt Plate by Hanover Brass
Beltplate-6   M1851 Federal Eagle Sword Belt Plate with Silver Wreath
Footwear-001   M1851 Pattern Brogan
GUN-007   M1854 Austrian Lorenz Musket by Pedersoli
GUN-55   M1855 Issue Nipple Wrench
BELTPLATE-004   M1855 Rifleman's Belt Plate
LEATH-013   M1855 Rifleman's Belt, Made in Gettysburg, PA
BAY-829   M1855-M1863 Original Springfield Bayonet
BAY-854   M1855/M1861/M1863 Original Springfield Bayonet
BAY-855   M1855/M1861/M1863 Original Springfield Bayonet
BAY-856   M1855/M1861/M1863 Original Springfield Bayonet
BAY-858   M1855/M1861/M1863 Original Springfield Bayonet
BAY-859   M1855/M1861/M1863 Original Springfield Bayonet
BAY-860   M1855/M1861/M1863 Original Springfield Bayonet
ORI-022   M1855/M1861/M1863 Springfield Original Mainspring
ORI-795   M1857 Batty Peace Flask, Manufactured in Springfield, Mass 1860
HAT-003   M1858 Hardee (Dress) Hat
HAT-004   M1858 Hardee (Dress) Hat: Un-decorated
HAT-002A   M1858 Hat, Forage or Bummer Style (U.S. or C.S.) - Import
HAT-002   M1858 Hat, Forage or Bummer Style (U.S. or C.S.) - U.S. Made
HAT-002Mc   M1858/M1861 McDowell Forage Cap
LEATH-038   M1859 2-Rivet Springfield Bayonet Scabbard, Made in Gettysburg, PA
BAY-862   M1859 Original Springfield .58cal Scabbard
BLA-006   M1859 Regulation Issue Mounted Blanket by Woolrich
BLA-007   M1859 Regulation Issue Mounted Blanket by Woolrich w/Hand Stitched US
GUN-062A   M1859 Sharps Berdan Rifle, .54cal by Pedersoli
GUN-062   M1859 Sharps Infantry Rifle, .54cal by Pedersoli
CAV-005   M1860 "Light" Cavalry Saber
SWO-018   M1860 "Light" Cavalry Saber
SWO-004   M1860 Cavalry Officer Saber
GUN-728   M1860 Spencer Carbine, SN 12670 (1863)
GUN-729   M1860 Spencer Carbine, SN 39551 (1864)
GUN-783   M1861 Bridesburg Contract Musket, dated 1863
ORI-015A   M1861 Special Model Original Mainspring
ACC-008   M1861 Springfield (w/Swell) Reproduction Ramrod, by ArmiSport
GUN-42B   M1861 Springfield Leather Sling - Heavy Duty Oiled
GUN-045   M1861 Springfield Musket by Armisport
GUN-778   M1861 Springfield Musket, William Mason Sub-Contract, dated 1862
GUN-059   M1861 Springfield Rifled Musket by Pedersoli
ART-253   M1862 Bridle Rosette
art-254   M1863 Artillery Bridle Rosettes
GUN-28   M1863 Issue Nipple Wrench
BAY-842   M1863 Original Springfield .58cal Scabbard with Inspector Stamp condition
ORI-052B   M1863/M1864 Springfield Single Leaf Rear Sight, Original
ORI-052A   M1863/M1864 Springfield Single Leaf Rear Sight, Reproduction
ins-72   M1872 Cavalry Hat Insignia
ins-73   M1872 Infantry Hat Insignia
RQM-55   M1873 US Indian War/ Spanish American War Trapdoor Springfield Scabbard
BELTPLATE-71   M1874 Buckle
GUN-769   M1884 45-70 Springfield Cadet Rifle, SN 554600
RQM-41   M1904 Haversack
RQM-30   M1904 Haversack - New York
RQM-43   M1904 Haversack - New York
RQM-35   M1904 Haversack - Washington
RQM-33   M1908 Haversack
RQM-50   M1908 Haversack
RQM-42   M1908 Haversack - ELW
RQM-54   M1908 Haversack - Medical
RQM-31   M1908 Haversack - National Guard Pennsylvania
RQM-36   M1908 Haversack - Ohio
RQM-46   M1908 Haversack - Ohio
RQM-37   M1908 Haversack - Pennsylvania
RQM-47   M1908 Haversack - Pennsylvania
RQM-48   M1908 Haversack - Pennsylvania
RQM-51   M1908 Haversack - Pennsylvania
RQM-53   M1908 Haversack - Pennsylvania
RQM-45   M1908 Haversack - Virginia
kni-765   M48 Tactical Tomahawk
kni-946   M48 Zombie Apocalypse Tomahawk
SB-021   Maine State Button
BUT-008   Maine State Seal Button
ACC-059   Mainspring for M1842 Springfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-026   Mainspring for M1861 Springfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-047   Mainspring for P53 3-Band Enfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-056   Mainspring Screw for P53 3-Band Enfield, by ArmiSport
DIY-003   Mann's Infantry Belt Clasp
BOOK-078   Manual for Engineer Troops
WES-001   Marshal Badge
INS-656C   Martingale Heart
Beltplate-50A   Maryland Belt Plate
INS-941A   Maryland Bottony Cross
INS-941B   Maryland Bottony Cross, Small, Engraved
Beltplate-50B   Maryland Box Plate
ins-881   Maryland Hat Pin
ins-882   Maryland Seal Hat Pin (Cut Out)
SB-020   Maryland State Button
BUT-039   Maryland State Seal Button
BUT-038   Maryland State Seal Muffin Button
Gifts-15   Mason Traditional hat pin
INS-982   Masonic Brass Pin
INS-112   Masonic Embroidered Insignia
INS-111   Masonic Embroidered Insignia with "G"
KNI-025   Masonic Folding Knife
Gifts-80   Masonic Folding Knife with Metal Case
SWO-020   Masonic Sword
Gifts-81   Masonic Writing Pen.
Beltplate-13A   Massachusetts 2-Piece Buckle
SB-019   Massachusetts State Button
Beltplate-13   Massachusetts Sword Belt Plate
BLA-010   Mattress Tick
WES-007   McKeever .45-70 Cartridge Box
INS-109   Medical Service Officer Embroidered Hat Insignia
Beltplate-44   Medium Georgia Forked Tongue
SEKELA-005C   Men's Congress Gaiter Shoe by N.J. Sekela, Size 9
per-43   Men's Dress Gloves
BH-005   Mid-War Production Contract J.T. Martin Fatigue Blouse by Bristol Hollow, Size 40
ACC-033   Middle Barrel Band (complete) for P53 3-Band Enfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-062   Middle Barrel Band with Swivel for M1842 Springfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-010   Middle Barrel Band with Swivel for M1861 Springfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-065   Middle/Rear Barrel Band Spring for M1842 Springfield, by ArmiSport
WES-004   Mills Cartridge Belt
Gifts-24   Mini Abraham Lincoln Bust
yo-10   Miniature Civil War Bridge
BUT-040   Mississippi 'I' (Infantry) Button
Beltplate-50   Mississippi Belt Plate
BAY-012   Mississippi Sword Bayonet
Beltplate-51   Mississippi Sword Belt Plate
GUN-061   Mississippi US Model 1841 Percussion Rifle, .58cal by Pedersoli
KNI-006   Missouri Belt Bowie, 11"
SB-024   Missouri State Button
BUT-085   Missouri State Seal Muffin Button
GL-13   Model 1840 C. Roby N.C.O. Sword
Footwear-7A   Model 1859 Low "Infantry" Boots by Fugawee
ART-097   Model Artillery Limber
ART-100   Model Cannon and Limber Set
ART-004   Model Confederate Cannon
ART-005   Model Confederate Limber
ART-096   Model Napoleon Cannon
Beltplate-2   Modern Oval Waist Belt Plate
SB-027   Montana State Button
GUN-608   Moore's Patent Revolver Teat Fire Front Load S&W, .28cal
INS-110   Musican Embroidered Hat Insignia (Large)
BUT-017   Musician [lire] Button
Beltplate-9   Musician's 2-Piece Buckle
INS-100   Musician's Hat Pin
GUN-4   Musket Case, Tarred Black Canvas Full Length
GUN-90   Musket Cleaning Kit
GUN-14   Musket Nipple (Cone)
GUN-14A   Musket Nipple (Cone), Beryllium
gun-88   Musket Sight Protectors
PART-035   Musketoon Bayonet Lug, Reproduction
INS-020   N.J. Sekela Cavalry Corporal Chevrons
RQM-56   National Guard Pennsylvanian M1873 US Indian War/ Spanish American War Trapdoor Springfield Scabbard
SHIRT-002   Natural Muslin Shirt
FIELD-009   NCO Field Notebook
FEU-036   NCO Shoulder Scales
SB-030   Nebraska State Button
NEVR   Nevr Dull Metal Wadding Polish, 5 oz.
BOOK-044   New Jersey at Gettysburg Guidebook by David G. Martin
SB-033   New Mexico State Button
BUT-041   New York 'Excelsior' Muffin Button
FIELD-62   New York Handkerchief
Beltplate-14   New York Militia 2-Piece Buckle
Beltplate-15   New York Oval Belt Plate
Beltplate-15A   New York Oval Box Plate
Beltplate-15B   New York Oval Box Plate (Small)
RQM-206B   New York State Militia Hat, Irish Brigade, Size 7 5/8, Made by Mike Stiles
BUT-043   New York State Seal Button, Small
gun-387   Nipple (Cone) Pick
GUN-029   Nipple Protector/Snapcap
LEATH-30   Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Belt, Made in Gettysburg, PA
BUT-045   North Carolina State Seal Button (Post-War)
Beltplate-54   North Carolina 2-Piece Buckle
Beltplate-55   North Carolina 2-Piece State Seal Buckle
Beltplate-53   North Carolina Belt Plate
Beltplate-53B   North Carolina Box Plate
INS-941   North Carolina Pin

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