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ART-068   Field Artillery Traveling Forge (No 61)
FIELD-001   Field Journal with Lock
FIELD-003   Field Journal with Pencil
Inst-7   Fife or Drumstick Canvas Carrier, Made in Gettysburg
Inst-1   Fife, Maple
Inst-2   Fife, Plastic
diy-101   Finials
diy-48   Finials Screw Type
GUN-36   Firearm Cleaning Brush Set: Brass, Nylon, and Steel
DIY-011   Firearms Parts Cleaner Degreaser, 32oz.
INST-01   Fireman Trumpet
Gifts-33   First National CSA Flag License Plate
flag-75   First Navy Jack
INS-007A   First Sergeant Diamonds, Pairs
Gifts-71   First USMC 'Don't Tread on Me' Flag Pin
leath-141   Flag Carrier, Imported
SB-09   Florida State Button
CAM-040   Folding Handle Forged Iron Frying Pan
PER-101   Folding Pocket Mirror
DIY-020   Folding Sewing Kit.
CAM-034   Folding Tin Candle Lantern
HYGIENE-9   Foot Powder in Tin
CAMP-21   Forged Iron Frying Pan
REV-103   Forged Iron Plate
PER-30   Fork, Civil War Period Type
LEATH-008   Forked Tongue Waist Belt, Made in Gettysburg, PA
FLAG-27   Fort Sumter 33-Star Flag
Gifts-61   Free Mason Square and Compass Pin
Gifts-69   Free Masonry and U.S.A. Flag Pin
Gifts-68   Free Masonry Flag Pin
Gifts-65   Free Masonry Tie Pin, Small
BAY-007   Frogg, Enfield (Import)
BAY-008   Frogg, Enfield (USA)
ACC-032   Front Barrel Band (complete) for P53 3-Band Enfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-061   Front Barrel Band for M1842 Springfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-064   Front Barrel Band Spring for M1842 Springfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-027   Front Sight for M1861 Springfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-048   Front Sight for P53 3-Band Enfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-052   Front Swivel Screw for P53 3-Band Enfield, by ArmiSport
acc-005   Front Swivel, Center Stud, Enfield, reproduction
GUN-004   Frontier Percussion Musket, .45cal by Pedersoli
DL-008   Full Scale Shoulder Holster by Dell's Leather Works.
MUSIC-21   Fun & Fury, 2nd US Artillery Fort McHenry Guard Fife and Drum Corps
T-SHIRT-002   Future Reenactor T-Shirts
FLAG-016   Gadsden Flag (1st USMC Flag)
FLAG-016C   Gadsden Flag (Cotton, 3x5)
FLAG-016S   Gadsden Stick Flag (1st USMC Flag)
FIELD-60   Galloway Handkerchief
INS-005C   Gen. J.E.B. Stuart Cockade
INS-005G   Gen. Joshua Chamberlain Cockade
FLAG-14   General Custer's Cavalry Guidon
HAT-10   General Officer Hat Cord, Gold
LEATH-01   General Officer's Sword Belt, Made in Gettysburg, PA
COIN-001   General Robert E. Lee Commemorative Medallion
WAMBAUGH-12   General Service US Eagle Buttons, by Wambaugh, White & Co.
Gifts-04   Gentleman's Cane with Antiqued Brass Ball
Gifts-03   Gentleman's Cane with Brass Knob
Gifts-02   Gentleman's Cane with Nickel Head
package-8   Gentleman's Package
PACKAGE-9   Gentleman's Shaving Package
Gifts-01   Gentleman's Spiral Cane with Brass Head
SEKELA-005   Gentlemen's High Top Lace-up Shoes by N.J. Sekela
Beltplate-39   Georgia 2-Piece Buckle
Beltplate-37   Georgia Belt Plate
LEATH-19   Georgia Frame Belt, Made in Gettysburg, PA
Beltplate-42   Georgia Frame-Heavy
Beltplate-41   Georgia Frame-Light
INS-961   Georgia Hat Pin
ins-564   Georgia Hat Pin (Large)
Beltplate-38   Georgia Oval Belt Plate
SB-010   Georgia State Button
BUT-073   Georgia State Seal Button
BUT-083   Georgia State Seal Muffin Button
RQM-205   German Dueling Pistol by C. Blancke
BOOK-045   Gettysburg - Images of America
BOOK-047   Gettysburg - Vintage Postcards Views of America's Greatest Battlefield
sou-01   Gettysburg Address Poster
PHOTO-01   Gettysburg Battlefield Framed Photograph by Jo Ann Vanno
FIELD-56   Gettysburg George Washington Handkerchief
LIC-1   Gettysburg License Plate
BOOK-027   Gettysburg National Military Park - Images of America
Gifts-22   Gettysburg National Military Park Handbook
A-2   Gettysburg Sticker
DVD-01G   Gettysburg The Movie
Gift-1   Gift Certificate
PACKAGE-7   Gifts from Home Package
BOOK-006   Gilham's Manual of Instruction for the Volunteers and Militia of the United States
FLAG-13   Gonzales Flag
CAN-008   Gourd Canteen (USA)
FEU-044   Gray Wool Gloves
FEU-046   Gray Wool Gloves-Fingerless
Footwear-3   Gray Wool Socks
Book-101   Great Military Blunders
FIELD-33   Gum Blanket, Rubber
DIY-010   Gun Brite Polish, 2 oz.
GUN-727   Gwyn & Campbell 1st Model Carbine, SN 3159
ACC-071   Hammer for M1842 Springfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-018   Hammer for M1861 Springfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-038   Hammer for P53 3-Band Enfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-067   Hammer Screw for M1842 Springfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-019   Hammer Screw for M1861 Springfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-039   Hammer Screw for P53 3-Band Enfield, by ArmiSport
ORI-001   Hammer Screw, Original, 1855 to 1884 Springfield
gift-05   Hand Carved Animal Pens
BOOK-079   Hand-Book for Active Service
Inst-27   Handcrafted Persimmon Fife
BOOK-074   Handy-Book for the U.S. Solider
INS-40   Hardee Eagle Hat Insignia
BOOK-071   Hardee's Rifle and Light Infantry Tactics
Inst-3   Harmonica
HAT-017   Hat Jack
HAT-2   Hat, Kepi (Import, Small and 2XL only)
HAT-020   Havelock
FIELD-26   Haversack, Black Tarred, Import
FIELD-27   Haversack, Plain White Canvas
SB-011   Hawaii State Button
GUN-012   Hawkens Center Arms Black Powder Rifle, One-of-a-Kind
ART-041A   Heart Shaped Lock with Keys
Footwear-009   Heel Plates, Pair
DESK-2   Henry Ede's (Regimental Quartermaster, 81st INF Regt (Illinois)) Reproduction Desk, Solid Black Walnut
CAD-004   Henry Rifle Sling with Reproduction Ammo Box, By C.A. Davisson
CAD-047   Henry Rifle Sling, Black Leather by C.A. Davisson
gifts-88   Hiking Stick Medallion- "Gettysburg" Crossed Cannons
gifts-87   Hiking Stick Medallion- "Gettysburg" Crossed Sabers
ORN-20   Historic Gettysburg Ornament
RQM-57   Hoffman 2nd Pattern US Indian War/ Spanish American War Trapdoor Springfield Scabbard
BOOK-038   Horse Equipments and Equipments for Officer's and Enlisted Men, Ordnance Memoranda No. 1719. Government Printing Office 1908
INS-003   Hospital Steward Chevrons
INS-034   Hospital Steward hat brass
PER-005   Housewife
HYGIENE-10   Hygiene Kit - Soap/Tooth Brush & Paste/Comb
gift-127   Ice Picks
SB-012   Idaho State Button
ART-069   Implement and Equipment Drawings for Civil War Field Artillery (No 40)
tin-020A   Import Tin Match Safe
hat-130   Indian Scout Hat Cord
SB-014   Indiana State Button
diy-118   Infantry Belt Keeper
Inst-75   Infantry Bugle
INS-102   Infantry Officer Embroidered Hat Insignia
GAUNT-03   Infantry Officer Gauntlets - Embroidered
MB-7895K   Ink Powder
ART-055   Instruction for Mounted Artillery, Prepared by a Board of Army Officers (No 3)
SB-015   Iowa State Button
FLAG-006   Ireland Presidential Flag, 3'x5' Polyester
ORN-40   Irish Brigade "Fighting Irish" Ornament
INS-86   Irish Brigade Cap Wreath, Hat Insignia
INS-005A   Irish Cockade (Rosette)
INS-63   Irish Harp, Large
INS-74   Irish Harp, Small
FIELD-002   Iron Candle Holder
TENT-010   Iron Tent Stake
FIELD-53   Israel McCowen Handkerchief, 12th Ohio Infantry
Leath-005   J.E.B. Stuart Sword Hanger
GUN-601   J.M. Marlin No. 32 Standard Revolver, .32 cal Rimfire, SN# 842
Inst-4   Jaw Harp
DESK-1   JEB Stuart Reproduction Desk, Solid Black Walnut
par-4615   Johnny Reb Pistol and Holster Set
FLAG-30   Join or Die Flag
FLAG-30C   Join or Die Flag, Cotton, 3x5
par-k21   Kadet Training Rifle
T-SHIRT-004   Keep It Flying T-Shirt
Beltplate-46   Kentucky 2-Piece Buckle
KNI-005   Kentucky Belt Axe
SB-017   Kentucky State Button
BUT-084   Kentucky State Seal Muffin Button
HAT-001   Kepi - U.S. Made
HAT-021   Kepi/Forage Cap Chin Strap
diy-106   Knapsack Hardware Kit
PER-010   Knife and Fork, Civil War Type
PER-31   Knife, Civil War Period Type
PER-008   Knife, Fork Spoon Combo-Richard's Patent Type
PER-032   Knife, Fork, and Spoon-Civil War period type
BOOK-050   Lady of Ashes, by Christine Trent (Book 1 of 6)
FIELD-037   Lantern with Hinged Door
FIELD-34A   Lantern, 4in x 4in x 12in
FIELD-36   Lantern, Elevating Candle Base
FIELD-35   Lantern-5in x 5in x 12in
INS-220   Lapel Pin/Tie Tac
TIN-008   Large Cup, Hot Dipped Tin, 4x4
FIELD-016   Large Cup, Stainless Steel, 4x4
TIN-007   Large Cup, Tin, 4x4
RA-002   Large First Lady Mary Ann Todd Lincoln Mourning Cockade
KNI-018   Large Folding Work Knife
Gifts-64   Large Free Masonry Square and Compass Pin
RA-001   Large President Abraham Lincoln Mourning Cockade
Beltplate-1   Late War US Belt Plate
Beltplate-3   Late-War US Oval Cartridge Box Plate
INS-116   Laurel Embroidered Insignia
LEATH-20   Leather Baldric, Made in Gettysburg, PA
LEATH-041   Leather Blanket Roll Carrier, Made in Gettysburg, PA
FIELD-14   Leather Canteen Sling
FIELD-14A   Leather Canteen Sling with Steel Buckle
LEATH-018   Leather Cavalry Canteen Sling, Made in Gettysburg, PA
LEATH-026   Leather Dispatch Case, Made in Gettysburg, PA
DL-007   Leather Drum Sling by Dell's Leather Works.
Inst-7L   Leather Fife Holder, Made in Gettysburg
JL-003   Leather Haversack, American Made.
JL-002   Leather Haversack, Two-Tone, American Made.
LEATH-014   Leather Holster, Made in Gettysburg, PA

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