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HAT-028   CS Infantry Kepi, by N. Cobb, Size 7-3/8
CEU-050   CS Infantry Shell Jacket
BUT-031   CS Infantry, Script 'E' Button
BUT-032-   CS Infantry, Script 'I' Button
AM-005   CS Kepi in "butternut" Jean Cloth by Avery Miller, Size 7-5/8
AM-006   CS Kepi in "Yellar Dog" Jean Cloth w/ Blue Band by Avery Miller, Size 7-1/2
AM-010   CS Kepi in Brown Jean Cloth w/ Blue wool band, By Avery Miller, Size 7-1/2
AM-013   CS Kepi in Gray Jean Cloth, By Avery Miller, Size 7-1/2
AM-008   CS Kepi in Gray/Brown Jean Cloth by Avery Miller, Size 7-1/2
AM-009   CS Kepi in Light Gray Jean Cloth w/ Black Wool Band by Avery Miller, Size 7
AM-012   CS Kepi in Patina Jean Cloth, By Avery Miller, Size 7-1/4
AM-004   CS Kepi Infantry "I" Buttons, by Avery Miller, Size 7-5/8
AM-002   CS Kepi with Brown Leather Brim, by Avery Miller, Size 7-1/2
JW-022   CS Kepi, By J. Willis, Size 7-1/8
JW-027   CS Kepi, By J. Willis, Size 7-1/8
CEU-036   CS Military Vest
CEU-044   CS Mounted Pattern Overcoat
CEU-034   CS Mounted Trousers
SWO-014   CS Officer Sword-Blued Scabbard
SWO-013   CS Officer Sword-Bright Scabbard
INS-108   CS Officer's Embroidered Hat Insignia
COU-001   CS Officers Foot Trousers
LEATH-015   CS or Civilian "Slim Jim" Holster, American Made
CAD-006   CS Shield Front Cap Pouch, by Cary A. Davisson
BELTPLATE-003   CS Snake Buckle (English Import w/Sunburst)
Beltplate-001   CS Snake Buckle (English Import)
BUT-027   CS Staff Button
CAD-016   CS Stamped British Tan Cap Pouch, by Cary A. Davisson
Beltplate-28   CS Sword Belt Plate
CAD-017   CS Western Army Enlisted Belt (32-40"), by Cary A. Davisson
CEU-022   CS Wool Shell Jacket
YC-2   CS Youth Shell Jacket
FLAG-28C   CSA Artillery Battle Flag
FLAG-28COT   CSA Artillery Battle Flag, 38x38 (Cotton)
Gifts-10   CSA Battle Flag hat pin
Beltplate-16   CSA Belt Plate (Atlanta Arsenal)
FLAG-7   CSA Bonnie Blue Flag
FLAG-7C   CSA Bonnie Blue Flag (Cotton)
BUT-022   CSA Button
FLAG-28   CSA Cavalry Battle Flag
CAN-006   CSA Drum Canteen by Axel Ulrich
FLAG-28B   CSA Infantry Battle Flag
ART-063   CSA M1862 2.25 Inch Mountain Rifle (No 56)
FLAG-6C   CSA Naval Jack and Army of Tennessee Battle Flag (Cotton, 3x5 ft)
FLAG-6   CSA Naval Jack and Army of Tennessee Battle Flag, Poly 3x5 ft
FLAG-9A   CSA Naval Jack and Army of Tennessee Battle Flag, Poly 4x6 ft
FLAG-6S   CSA Naval Jack and Army of Tennessee Stick Flag
BUT-030   CSA Small Hat Button with Wire
BELTPLATE-005   CSA Sword Belt Plate (Import)
WAMBAUGH-1   Custom CS Overcoat, Size 42, by Wambaugh, White and Company
WAMBAUGH-3   Custom RD1 Shell Jacket, Size 42, by Wambaugh, White and Company
BAY-015   Dahlgren Naval Bayonet (Reproduction)
KNI-012   Damascus 13-1/2" Crown Bowie Knife, Stag Handle
MUSIC-22   David Kincaid - The Irish-American's Song (Songs of the Union and Confederate Irish Soldiers, 1861-1865)
BOOK-054   Death at the Abbey, A Lady of Ashes Mystery, by Christine Trent (Book 5 of 6)
tin-38   Deep Plate-Tin or Stainless
SEKELA-069   Deep South Jacket, Gray/Brown Jean Wool, By N.J. Sekela
GUN-101B   Defarbed M1842 Smoothbore Springfield Musket, By Armi Sport
GUN-095   Deluxe Black Powder Measure with 30-grain Spout
MB-6772   Desktop Compass and Clock
ART-024   Display Model 10 Pound Parrott Shell
ART-028   Display Model 12 pound CSA Napoleon Shell
ART-026   Display Model 3 Inch CSA Read Shell
ART-025   Display Model 3 Inch Schenkle Shell
ART-027   Display Model CSA Archer Shell
ART-029   Display Model Napoleon Shell with Borman Timer
flag-38   Don't Tread on Me 1776
INS-011   Double Border Shoulder Boards
LEATH-036   Double Cylinder Pouch
LEATH-31   Double Loop Bayonet/Sword Frogg
FIELD-63   Dr. Eugene Broaddus Handkerchief, 9th VA Cavalry
CEU-052   Drawers
MUS-010   Drumstick Holder
ART-023   Dummy Friction Primers
BUT-012   Eagle 'A' (Artillery) Button
BUT-013   Eagle 'C' (Cavalry) Button
BUT-071   Eagle 'C' (Cavalry) Indian War-Style Button
BUT-014   Eagle 'D' (Dragoon) Button
BUT-011   Eagle 'I' (Infantry) Button
BUT-069   Eagle 'I' (Infantry) Indian War Style Button
PER-226   Eagle Pocket Watch
T-SHIRT-006   Eagle T-Shirt
wall-06   Early American Wallet
Beltplate-8A   Early Militia 2-Piece Oval Buckle
LEATH-038A   Early Pattern Springfield Bayonet Scabbard
LEATH-012A   Early Pattern Waist Belt with sewn on keeper
Beltplate-75   Early-War US Belt Plate with Arrowhead Hooks
Beltplate-3A   Early-War US Oval Cartridge Box Plate
beltplate-68   Early-War US Puppy Paws Belt Plate
SEKELA-039   Economy Blouse, Size 36, by N.J. Sekela
INS-210   Embroidered Eleventh Corps Badge
INS-205   Embroidered Fifth Corps Badge
INS-206   Embroidered First Corps Badge
INS-207   Embroidered Second Corps Badge
INS-209   Embroidered Sixth Corps Badge
INS-208   Embroidered Third Corps Badge
INS-211   Embroidered Twelfth Corps Badge
INS-66   Enameled Pewter Corps Badges
BAY-005   Enfield Bayonet and Scabbard
LEATH-9   Enfield Cap Pouch
LEATH-002   Enfield Cartridge Box
GUN-8   Enfield Leather Sling
GUN-10   Enfield Leather Sling- Heavy Duty
GUN-10B   Enfield Leather Sling- Heavy Duty Oiled
GUN-11   Enfield Musket Sling - Canvas
ORI-010   Enfield Rear Sling Swivel, Original, Without Screw
GUN-17   Enfield Sergeant's Tool
BAY-011   Enfield Sword Bayonet
UD-a1172   Engineer Compass with Level, Solid Brass
INS-168   Engineer Hat Pin
BUT-018   Engineer Officer Button
INS-13   Engineer Officer Embroidered Hat Insignia
Beltplate-6A   Engineer Officers Sword Belt Plate with Silver Wreath
LEATH-010   English Pattern 1856/57 Angled Cap Pouch, U.S. Made
LEATH-011   English Pattern 3-Piece Cartridge Box Sling, US Made
LEATH-040   English Pattern Ball Bag
GAUNT-02   Enlisted Cavalry Gauntlets
GAUNT-01   Enlisted Cavalry Gauntlets - White
HAT-9   Enlisted Hat Cords
INS-002   Enlisted Shoulder Scales
PART-008   Euroarms 1841 Mississippi Rifle Front Band Spring
PART-006   Euroarms 1841 Mississippi Rifle Trigger
PART-001   Euroarms 1861 Springfield Sear
PART-002   Euroarms 1861 Springfield Sear Spring
PART-009   Euroarms Model 1861 Springfield Lockplate.
PART-026   Euroarms Parker-Hale Bridle
PART-029   Euroarms Parker-Hale Lockplate Washer
PART-027   Euroarms Parker-Hale Rear Sight Base
PART-031   Euroarms Parker-Hale Rear Sight Spring
Book-108   Exploring History
Glasses-2   Eyeglasses-Straight bow 19th century style-Gold toned frame
FIELD-005   Fairy Field Journal with Lock
INS-20   False Embroidered Artillery Hat Insignia
INS-016   False Embroidered Cavalry Hat Insignia
INS-12   False Embroidered Infantry Hat insignia
WAMBAUGH-40   Family Heirloom Weavers Civilian/CS Blankets made by Wambaugh, White & Co.
Tie-04   Fancy Gentleman's Cotton Cravat
BER-01   Federal Berdan Frock Coat
ART-008A   Federal Brass Limber Plaque
Beltplate-73   Federal Eagle Baldric Plate
BELTPLATE-60   Federal Eagle Belt Plate
Beltplate-5   Federal Eagle Breast Plate
BUT-072   Federal Eagle Small Hat Button with Wire
ART-050   Federal Enlisted Artillery Shell Jacket
FEU-049   Federal Enlisted Artillery Shell Jacket
FEU-014   Federal Enlisted Cavalry Shell Jacket
FEU-012   Federal Enlisted Frock Coat
FEU-002   Federal Enlisted Infantry Overcoat
FEU-022   Federal Enlisted Mounted Overcoat
SEKELA-012   Federal Enlisted Overcoat by N.J. Sekela
JW-015   Federal Forage Cap, Type II, By J. Willis
FOU-002   Federal General Frock Coat
BUT-010   Federal General Service Eagle Button
WAMBAUGH-29   Federal Indigo blue Infantry Regimental Quartermaster Silk Chevrons By Wambaugh, White, & Co.
PACKAGE-5   Federal Infantry Package
SEKELA-064   Federal Issue Brogans (Sewn Sole), by N.J. Sekela Size 8
CD-2   Federal Issue Cartridge Box Sling without Breast Plate, By C.A. Davvison
FOU-044   Federal Junior Officer Frock
FOU-048   Federal Junior Officer Shell Jacket
WAMBAUGH-28   Federal Light Blue Infantry Regimental Quartermaster Silk Chevrons By Wambaugh, White, & Co.
FEU-034   Federal Military Vest
FOU-022   Federal Officer's Vest
FOU-001   Federal Officers Foot Trousers
FEU-018   Federal Roundabout
FEU-001   Federal Sack Coat
FOU-032   Federal Senior Officer Frock
FOU-046   Federal Senior Officer Shell Jacket
BUT-015   Federal Staff Muffin Button
YC-12   Federal Youth Sack Coat
ART-066   Field Artillery Battery Wagon (No 60)
ART-083   Field Artillery Limber (No 21)
ART-068   Field Artillery Traveling Forge (No 61)
FIELD-001   Field Journal with Lock
FIELD-003   Field Journal with Pencil
Inst-7   Fife or Drumstick Canvas Carrier, Made in Gettysburg
Inst-1   Fife, Maple
Inst-2   Fife, Plastic
diy-101   Finials
diy-48   Finials Screw Type
GUN-36   Firearm Cleaning Brush Set: Brass, Nylon, and Steel
INST-01   Fireman Trumpet
Gifts-33   First National CSA Flag License Plate
flag-75   First Navy Jack
INS-007A   First Sergeant Diamonds, Pairs
Gifts-71   First USMC 'Don't Tread on Me' Flag Pin
leath-141   Flag Carrier
CAM-040   Folding Handle Forged Iron Frying Pan
PER-101   Folding Pocket Mirror
DIY-020   Folding Sewing Kit.
CAM-034   Folding Tin Candle Lantern
HYGIENE-8   Foot Powder
HYGIENE-9   Foot Powder in Tin
CAMP-21   Forged Iron Frying Pan
REV-103   Forged Iron Plate
PER-30   Fork, Civil War Period Type
LEATH-008   Forked Tongue Waist Belt
FLAG-27   Fort Sumter 33-Star Flag
Gifts-61   Free Mason Square and Compass Pin
Gifts-69   Free Masonry and U.S.A. Flag Pin
Gifts-68   Free Masonry Flag Pin

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