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BAY-009   Bayonet Only, Enfield
field-123   Bees Wax Candles
SEKELA-066   Berdan Sharpshooter Frock Coat by N.J. Sekela
BUT-020   Berdan Sharpshooter, Enlisted (Black Coated Brass) Button
SEKELA-030   Berdan Trousers by NJ Sekela, Size 46
par-4616   Billy Yank Pistol and Holster Set
AM-010   Black "Big Brim" Hat, by Avery Miller, Size 23-1/2" (7-1/2)
MB-7777   Black & White Horn Ink Pen
INS-005   Black Mourning Cockade
FIELD-05   Black Tea
GUN-41B   Blank Paper Tubes, .50, .58 or .69
PER-92   Blanket Pin
FIELD-30   Blanket Roll Straps (US or Import)
SHIRT-003A   Bleached Pleated Front Cotton Shirt
SHIRT-003   Bleached White Cotton Shirt
BUT-025   Block 'A' (Artillery) Button
BUT-026   Block 'C' (Cavalry) Button
BUT-023   Block 'I' (Infantry) Button
BUT-090   Block C - Pewter Small
BOOK-007   Blue and Grey Roses of Intrigue
Gifts-62   Blue Lodge Pin
BUT-065   Bone Button - Shelter half / Haversack
BUT-063   Bone Button- 4 Hole-5/8"
FLAG-7S   Bonnie Blue Confederate Stick Flag
gifts-93   Bonnie Blue Flag Lapel/Hat Pin
Gifts-9   Bonnie Blue hat pin
Gifts-32   Bonnie Blue License plate
per-145   Bordello Token
GUN-031   Bore Scraper
GUN-35A   Brass Bore Cleaning Button Jag
INS-78   Brass Corps Badges
GUN-09   Brass Flask Funnel
GUN-035   Brass Slotted Patch Jag
DIY-004   Brass Stamped Belt Plate Shell-CS
DIY-005   Brass Stamped Belt Plate Shell-US
ACC-077   Bridle for M1842 Springfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-004   Bridle for M1861 Springfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-046   Bridle for P53 3-Band Enfield, by ArmiSport
ACC-078   Bridle/Sear Screw for M1842 Springfield, by ArmiSport
INS-103   Brigadier General Embroidered Hat Insignia
PACKAGE-1BRIT   British Accoutrement Package
Inst-5   British Duty Bugle aka M1855 British Duty Bugle
GUN-311   British P-1853 Enfield Rifle Sling, Made in Gettysburg, PA
GL-02   British Pattern 1856 "2-Band" Enfield Sword Bayonet, manufactured by Jung (Extremely Rare)
ORI-162B   British Pattern 1856 "2-Band" Enfield Sword Bayonet, no Scabbard, manufactured by H.H. & Company (Rare)
WES-017   Brothel Inspector Badge
cord-03   Bugle Cord
kni-13   Bullet Knife
gift-056   Bullet Tank (Large)
CAMP-7   Bundle of Pencils
ORI-285   Burnside Forend Mounting Block
ACC-051   Butt Plate Screw for P53 3-Band Enfield, by ArmiSport
GUN-02   Butterfly Mainspring Vice, Polished Steel
BUT-076   Button Washers and Pins
INS-024   C.J. Daley Cavalry Corporal Chevrons
Beltplate-27   C.S. 2-Piece Buckle
FLAG-001   C.S. Infantry Battle Flag, Cotton 52" X 52"
CO-60   C.S. Mounted Officer Trousers
Beltplate-24   C.S. Oval Cartridge Box Plate
Beltplate-23   C.S. Oval Waist Belt Plate
SEKELA-009   C.S. Trans-Mississippi "Penitentiary" Jacket, by N.J. Sekela
PER-013   C.S.A. Map Case
MUSIC-29   Camp Chase Fife & Drum, Volume 1 " Period Pieces: Fife & Drum Classics from the American Civil War"
MUSIC-30   Camp Chase Fife & Drum, Volume 2 " The Civil War"
MUSIC-27   Camp Chase Fife & Drum, Volume 3 " Above the Clouds"
MUSIC-28   Camp Chase Fife & Drum, Volume 4 " Echoes from the Past"
CAMP-6   Campaigner Folding Knife/Fork/Spoon Combo Tool
can-89   Canteen Cover
FIELD-13   Canteen Cover Kit
FIELD-050   Canteen Half
FIELD-21   Canvas Haversack with Black Leather Closure
FIELD-004   Canvas Haversack with Wood Button by The Regimental Quartermaster
LEATH-025   Cap Pouch, Imported
LEATH-037   Carbine Cartridge Box, Imported
GUN-2   Carbine Case, White Canvas
diy-104   Carbine Sling Kit
LEATH-033   Carbine Sling, Imported
LEATH-033US   Carbine Sling, Made in Gettysburg, PA
CAV-027   Carbine Swivel Snap
ORI-011   Carbine Swivel Snap, Original
FIELD-29B   Carpet Bag, Medium
FIELD-29C   Carpet Bag, Small
FHW-001   Carpet Fabric from Family Heirloom Weavers, 22-1/2" W x 324" L, Renaissance
LEATH-4   Cartridge Box Sling, Imported
LEATH-5   Cartridge Box Sling, Made in Gettysburg
LEATH-39   Cartridge Box Sling, Rough Out Dyed Leather, Made in Gettysburg, PA
Footwear-2   Cavalry Boots
INS-102B   Cavalry Officer Embroidered Hat Insignia
GAUNT-04   Cavalry Officer Gauntlets - Embroidered
CAV-036   Cavalry Officer Saber
SWO-012   Cavalry Saber
BOOK-075   Cavalry Tactics
FIELD-006   Celtic Field Journal with Lock
HYGIENE-4   Ceramic Shaving Mug
INS-012   Chaplain Brass Hat Insignia
INS-114   Chaplain Hat Insignia
INS-007   Chevrons
diy-120   Chicago Screw
Glasses-1   Circular Eyeglasses-Spring Temple Style
ART-058   Civil War 12 Pdr Napoleon, on a No. 2 Field Carriage by Antique Ordnance Publishers (No 20)
Inst-85   Civil War Drum Sticks
MUS-01   Civil War Drumsticks, 110-130gr
ORI-394   Civil War Era Bullet Mold, .31cal (Brass Body)
ART-075   Civil War Field Artillery Caisson Research Packet (No 62)
BUT-007   Civil War Fire Department Button
BUT-006   Civil War Massachusetts State Militia Button
BOOK-020   Civil War Paper Items, the Rosanna A. Blake Confederate Collection
FIELD-007   Civil War Period Wallet made of Cotton Ticking
CAN-015   Civil War Plastic Canteen
INS-005XMas1   Civil War Santa & Mrs. Clause Cockade
INS-005XMas   Civil War Santa Cockade
gift-86   Civil War Teddy Bears
beltplate-102   Civil War USMC Oval Bayonet Belt (Cross Strap) Plate
beltplate-101   Civil War USMC Waist Belt Plate
wall-10   Civil War-Period Billfold by Carrico's Leatherworks
wall-09   Civil War-Period Wallet by Carrico's Leatherworks
HEEL-11   Civilian Heel Plates
FIELD-28   Civilian/CS Hand-Sewn Brown Wool Haversack, Made in Gettysburg PA
kni-262   Classic Bowie Knife
Tie-02   Classic Cotton Cravat
PER-036   Clay Pipe with Reed Stem
GUN-027   Cleaning Patches
GUN-027A   Cleaning Patches-Large Package
INS-76   Cloth Corps Badges
TIN-010   Coffee Boiler/Mucket-Stainless Steel
PER-91   Collapsible Walking Stick
MB-5596   Colonial Checkers
SB-06   Colorado State Button
per-124   Comb (made of horn)
GUN-03   Common Screwdriver with Worm - Musket
WAMBAUGH-60A   Commutation Jacket, Size 46, By Wambaugh, White, & Co.
INS-62   Company Letters, 1 inch
ORI-039   Complete Original Springfield Rear Sight-M1861-1864 Springfield
ORI-040A   Complete Reproduction Enfield Rear Sight
ORI-040   Complete Reproduction Springfield Rear Sight: M1861-1864 Springfield
gifts-89   Confederate 1st National Lapel/Hat Pin
FLAG-3   Confederate 1st. National Flag - 11 Star
FLAG-3C   Confederate 1st. National Flag - 11 Star (100% Cotton)
FLAG-2   Confederate 1st. National Flag - 13 Star
FLAG-2C   Confederate 1st. National Flag - 13 Star (Cotton)
FLAG-1   Confederate 1st. National Flag - 7 Star
FLAG-1C   Confederate 1st. National Flag - 7 Star (Cotton, 3'x5')
gifts-90   Confederate 2nd National Lapel/Hat Pin
FLAG-4   Confederate 2nd. National Flag
FLAG-4C   Confederate 2nd. National Flag (Cotton, 3'x5')
gifts-91   Confederate 3rd National Lapel/Hat Pin
FLAG-5   Confederate 3rd. National Flag
FLAG-5C   Confederate 3rd. National Flag (Cotton)
BOOK-388   Confederate Arsenals, Laboratories, and Ordnance Depots., Three Volume Set
gifts-92   Confederate Battle Flag Lapel/Hat Pin
LIC-2   Confederate Battle Flag License Plate
FLAG-28S   Confederate Battle Stick Flag
ART-008   Confederate Brass Limber Plaque
LEATH-006   Confederate Cap Pouch, Made in Gettysburg, PA
INS-008   Confederate Collar Rank
SEKELA-002   Confederate Enlisted Frock Coat, by N.J. Sekela
CEU-005   Confederate Enlisted Frock Coat, Jeans Wool Brown
COU-012   Confederate General Frock Coat
PACKAGE-6   Confederate Infantry Package
SWO-007   Confederate Nashville Plow Works Cavalry Saber
Beltplate-25   Confederate Navy 2-Piece Buckle
COU-018   Confederate Officer Frock Coat - Double Breasted
COU-024   Confederate Officer Frock Coat - Single Breasted
COU-019   Confederate Officer Shell Jacket - Double Breasted
COU-019A   Confederate Officer Shell Jacket - Single Breasted
WAMBAUGH-24A   Confederate Overcoat by Wambaugh, White, & Co.
WAMBAUGH-24B   Confederate Overcoat by Wambaugh, White, & Co.
WAMBAUGH-24-   Confederate Overcoat, Size 40, by Wambaugh, White and Company
HAT-005   Confederate Regulation Kepi, Jeans Wool Grey - U.S. Made
LEATH-38A   Confederate Selma Arsenal Cap Pouch, made in Gettysburg, PA
INS-005E   Confederate Soldier Cockade (Rosette)
BOOK_071   Confederate Soldier's Prayer Book
Beltplate-26   Confederate Staff 2-piece buckle
Beltplate-27A   Confederate States 2-Piece (Old English) Buckle
Gifts-27   Confederate States Paper Money
BH-032   Confederate Trousers, Size 36, By Bristol Hollow
yo-07   Conferderate Soldier Set
SB-07   Connecticut State Button
GUN-060   Cook & Brother Artillery Carbine, .577cal by Pedersoli
GIFT-04   Cooler / Lunch Bag
FIELD-11   Cork and Chain/Cork and Twine
diy-124   Corporal Twill Leg Stripe, Dark Blue
Tie-03   Cotton Cravat
KNI-001   Courier Patch Knife
FIELD-63A   Cpl. Cyrus Dennis, 1st Maryland "Potomac Home Brigade" Cavalry Handkerchief
ART-041B   Crossed Pistols Lock with Keys
ART-032   CS Artillery Shell Jacket
CAD-052   CS Brown Linen Cartridge Box Belt, by Cary A. Davisson
Leath-022   CS Cap Pouch, Magee, Horter & George, Made in Gettysburg, PA
CAV-004   CS Cavalry Shell Jacket
CEU-051   CS Cavalry Shell Jacket
JN-002   CS Commutation Jacket, Size 44, Made by J. Nolan
LEATH-020   CS Copy of M1845 Cap Pouch, Made in Gettysburg, PA
CEU-003   CS Enlisted Foot Trousers
CEU-004   CS Enlisted Infantry Overcoat
CEU-002   CS Enlisted Infantry Overcoat, Richmond Grey Wool
CAD-031   CS HP&S Canteen Sling, Made in the U.S.A.
AM-001   CS Infantry Kepi with Black Pasteboard Brim, by Avery Miller, Size 7-1/8
HAT-028   CS Infantry Kepi, by N. Cobb, Size 7-3/8
CEU-050   CS Infantry Shell Jacket

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