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Hat, Forage or Bummer Style(1858 Model)-US or CS Confederate Regulation Kepi, Jeans Wool Grey - U.S. Made M1858/M1861 McDowell Forage Cap
Hat, Forage or Bummer Style(1858 Model)-US or CS Hat, Kepi Hat, Kepi
Kepi - U.S. Made
Our Price: $55.00
Officer Kepi M1858 Hardee (Dress) Hat M1858 Hardee (Dress) Hat: Un-decorated
Officer Kepi
Our Price: $55.00

M1858 Hardee (Dress) Hat
Our Price: $104.50
CS Infantry Kepi, by N. Cobb, Size 7-3/8 New York State Militia Hat, Irish Brigade, Size 7 5/8, Made by Mike Stiles CS Maryland Kepi by Avery Miller
Officer's Hardee Hat Civilian or Officer's Slouch Hat Enlisted Hat Cords
Officer's Hardee Hat
Our Price: $99.50
Enlisted Hat Cords
Our Price: $7.95
Officer Hat Cord, Black and Gold Officer Hat Cord, Gold Havelock
Our Price: $13.95
Hat Jack CSA Small Hat Button with Wire Federal Eagle Small Hat Button with Wire
Hat Jack
Our Price: $19.95
Alabaster "Beehive" High Crown Style Hat, Size 22, by Bristol Hollow Officer Slouch Hat Package Kepi/Forage Cap Chin Strap, Imported
Officer Slouch Hat Package
Our Price: $124.50
Indian Scout Hat Cord
Indian Scout Hat Cord
Our Price: $7.95