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Regimental Numbers, Hat Brass Company Letters, 1 in., Hat Brass Regimental Numbers, Hat Brass
Company Letters, 1 inch
Our Price: $2.50
Hardee Eagle, Hat Brass Enlisted Hat Brass - Infantry False Embroidered Infantry, 1851, Large Hat Brass
Marine Forage Cap Device, 1859, Hat Brass 1859 USMC Officer Hat Insignia Enlisted Hat Brass - Artillery
False Embroidered Artillery 1851 Artillery Enlisted Hat Insignia 1834 Artillery Shako Plate
Enlisted Hat Brass - Cavalry False Embroidered Cavalry Ordnance (Flaming Bomb) 1858, Hat Brass
1858 Rifleman Hat Ornament Hospital Steward 1858, Hat Brass Wreath Only, Hat Brass
Wreath Only, Hat Brass
Our Price: $5.50
NY Coat of Arms (Excelsoir), Hat Brass Texas Star Insignia, Hat Brass Irish Harp, Large, Hat Brass
Texas Hat Badge
Our Price: $6.95
Irish Harp, Large
Our Price: $6.95
Harp, Small, Hat Brass Irish Brigade Cap Wreath, Hat Insignia 1812 Dragoon Cap Plate
Irish Harp, Small
Our Price: $6.95
1812 Dragoon Cap Plate
Our Price: $17.50
1812 Cockade Eagle, Hat Insignia 1833 Dragoon Cap Plate 1834 Infantry Cap Plate
1812 Cockade Eagle
Our Price: $6.95
1833 Dragoon Cap Plate
Our Price: $24.95
1834 Infantry Cap Plate
Our Price: $7.95
1834-1845 Cockade Eagle-Militia 1821- 1851 Cap Eagle 1821 - 1851 Cap Eagle, variant
1821-1851 Cap Eagle
Our Price: $8.95
M1872 Infantry Hat Insignia M1872 Cavalry Hat Insignia Standard Infantry Hat Patch
Cavalry Officer Embroidered Hat Insignia Artillery Officer Embroidered Hat Insignia 69th Irish Infantry Hat Patch
US Officer's Embroidered Hat Insignia SVR Embroidered Hat Insignia CS Officer's Embroidered Hat Insignia
Medical Service Officer Embroidered Hat Insignia Engineer Officer Embroidered Hat Insignia Lieutenant General Embroidered Hat Insignia
Musican Embroidered Hat Insignia (Large) Masonic Embroidered Insignia with "G" Masonic Embroidered Insignia
Chaplain Hat Insignia Chaplain Brass Hat Insignia U.S. Christian Commission Insignia
Chaplain Hat Insignia
Our Price: $9.95
Signal Corps Officer Embroidered Hat Insignia Laurel Embroidered Insignia Enamel Corps. Badge, Hat Brass
Cloth Corps Badges Embroidered First Corps Badge Embroidered Second Corps Badge
Cloth Corps Badges
Our Price: $1.00
Embroidered Third Corps Badge Embroidered Fifth Corps Badge Embroidered Sixth Corps Badge
Embroidered Eleventh Corps Badge Embroidered Twelfth Corps Badge Brass Corps Badges
Brass Corps Badges
Our Price: $5.95
Maryland Botonee Cross Maryland Botonee Cross Provost Badges
Maryland Bottony Cross
Our Price: $12.95
Provost Badge
Our Price: $19.95
1846 Sappers & Miners (Engineer) Cap Plate 1821 Infantry or Dragoon Cap Side Buttons Texas Hat Pin
Texas Hat Pin
Our Price: $12.95
South Carolina Hat Pin North Carolina Pin Georgia Hat Pin
South Carolina Hat Pin
Our Price: $24.95
North Carolina Pin
Our Price: $12.95
Georgia Hat Pin
Our Price: $12.95
Musicians Hat Pin Engineer Hat Pin Maryland Hat Pin
Musician's Hat Pin
Our Price: $12.95
Engineer Hat Pin
Our Price: $22.95
Maryland Hat Pin
Our Price: $12.95
Virginia Seal Hat Pin (Cut Out) Louisiana Hat Pin US Officer Shoulder Straps
Louisiana Hat Pin
Our Price: $12.95
Double Border Shoulder Boards Triple Border Officer Shoulder Boards Oak Leaf Shoulder Boards
Double Border Shoulder Boards
Price per set $29.50
Oak Leaf Shoulder Boards
Price per Set $39.50
Confederate Collar Rank Overcoat Rank Chevrons
Confederate Collar Rank
Price per Pair $8.00
Overcoat Rank
Our Price: $24.00
Price per Set $15.95
Diamonds Chevrons Chevrons
"Gull-wing" Curved Federal Chevrons Service Stripes Hospital Steward Chevrons
Service Stripes
Our Price: $12.00
Hospital Steward Chevrons
Price per Set $19.95
Shoulder Scales Shoulder Scales, NCO Shoulder Scales, NCO Staff
Enlisted Shoulder Scales
Our Price: $74.95
NCO Shoulder Scales
Our Price: $74.95
Staff NCO Shoulder Scales
Our Price: $74.95
United States Marine Corps Enlisted Shoulder Scales Martingale Heart Shoulder Scale Attachment Set
Martingale Heart
Our Price: $7.95
1814 Rifleman Cap Plate 1872 Helmet Eagle Plate 1821 Artillery Cap Side Buttons
1814 Rifleman Cap Plate
Our Price: $9.95
1872 Helmet Eagle Plate
Our Price: $17.95
1881 Cavalry Helmet Plate 1872 Helmet Cord Ring with Floral Base 1890 Indian Scout Hat Insignia
1881 Cavalry Helmet Plate
Our Price: $17.95
Georgia Hat Pin (Large) Principal Musicians Chevrons Nevr Dull Metal Wadding Polish, 5 oz.
Georgia Hat Pin (Large)
Our Price: $27.95
Principal Musicians Chevrons
Price per Set $54.95