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Mounted Trousers Service Stripes Canvas Haversack with Wood Button Federal Berdan Frock Coat
U.S. Mounted Trousers
Our Price: $135.50
Service Stripes
Our Price: $12.00
Federal Berdan Frock Coat
Our Price: $230.50
Rough Out Federal Issue Sewn Keeper Waist Belt, Made in Gettysburg, PA M1855 Rifleman's Belt, Made in Gettysburg, PA Union Enlisted Shell Jacket Brogans
M1851 Pattern Brogan
Our Price: $85.00
United States Volunteers (USV) Uniform Package Union Sack Coat Union Enlisted Frock Coat Artillery Shell Jacket
Federal Sack Coat
Our Price: $109.50
Cavalry Boots Great Coat - Infantry Pattern Great Coat, Mounted Union Roundabout
Cavalry Boots
Our Price: $199.50

Federal Roundabout
Our Price: $120.50
Union Military Vest Artillery Boots U.S. Enlisted Foot Trousers Officer Sash
Federal Military Vest
Our Price: $103.50
Artillery/ Infantry Boots
Our Price: $199.50
Sashes-Wool and Silk
Our Price: $39.00
Natural Muslin Shirt Bleached White Muslin Shirt Bleached Pleated Front Cotton Shirt Print Shirts
Natural Muslin Shirt
Our Price: $40.95
Print Shirt
Our Price: $47.95

Gloves, wool, fingerless Gloves, rag wool English Pattern 1856/57 Angled Cap Pouch, Made in Gettysburg, PA Cotton Knit Socks
Gray Wool Gloves
Our Price: $13.95
Suspenders, Two Prong Buckle Suspenders (Braces) Mustard Canvas, Adjustable Suspenders (Braces) Red Canvas, Adjustable Suspenders (Braces) Yellow Elastic, Adjustable
British Accoutrement Package NCO Belt Chevrons Diamonds
Price per Set $15.95
Chevrons Chevrons Shoulder Scale Attachment Set Drawers
Our Price: $37.95