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Federal Infantry Package Mounted Trousers Service Stripes Canvas Haversack with Wood Button
Federal Infantry Package
Our Price: $649.00
U.S. Mounted Trousers
Our Price: $135.50
Service Stripes
Our Price: $12.00
Federal Berdan Frock Coat Rough Out Federal Issue Sewn Keeper Waist Belt, Made in Gettysburg, PA M1855 Rifleman's Belt, Made in Gettysburg, PA Union Enlisted Shell Jacket
Federal Berdan Frock Coat
Our Price: $230.50
Brogans United States Volunteers (USV) Uniform Package Union Sack Coat Union Enlisted Frock Coat
M1851 Pattern Brogan
Our Price: $85.00
Federal Sack Coat
Our Price: $109.50
Federal Enlisted Artillery Shell Jacket Artillery Shell Jacket Cavalry Boots Great Coat - Infantry Pattern
Cavalry Boots
Our Price: $199.50

Great Coat, Mounted Union Roundabout Union Military Vest Artillery Boots
Federal Roundabout
Our Price: $120.50
Federal Military Vest
Our Price: $103.50
Artillery/ Infantry Boots
Our Price: $199.50
U.S. Enlisted Foot Trousers Officer Sash Natural Muslin Shirt Bleached White Muslin Shirt
Sashes-Wool and Silk
Our Price: $39.00
Natural Muslin Shirt
Our Price: $40.95
Bleached Pleated Front Cotton Shirt Print Shirts Gloves, wool, fingerless Gloves, rag wool
Print Shirt
Our Price: $47.95

Gray Wool Gloves
Our Price: $13.95
English Pattern 1856/57 Angled Cap Pouch, Made in Gettysburg, PA Cotton Knit Socks Suspenders, Two Prong Buckle Suspenders, Two Prong Buckle
Suspenders (Braces) Mustard Canvas, Adjustable Suspenders (Braces) Red Canvas, Adjustable Suspenders (Braces) Yellow Elastic, Adjustable British Accoutrement Package
NCO Belt Chevrons Diamonds Chevrons
Price per Set $15.95
Chevrons Shoulder Scale Attachment Set Drawers
Our Price: $37.95