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Basic CS Recruit Uniform Package-CS Richmond Depot Type I Shell Jacket
Basic CS Uniform Package
Our Price: $285.50
Richmond Depot Type II Shell Jacket Richmond Depot Type III Wool - (Late '63 - End of War)
Trimmed CSA Shell Jacket Trimmed CSA Shell Jacket
CS Artillery Shell Jacket
Our Price: $122.50
CS Infantry Shell Jacket
Our Price: $122.50
CS Cavalry Shell Jacket CSA Shell Jacket CSA Foot Trousers - Enlisted
CS Cavalry Shell Jacket
Our Price: $122.50
CS Wool Shell Jacket
Our Price: $109.50
CS Enlisted Foot Trousers
Our Price: $109.50
C.S. Mounted Trousers Brogans Great Coat - Infantry Pattern
CS Mounted Trousers
Our Price: $135.50
M1851 Pattern Brogan
Our Price: $85.00
CS Enlisted Infantry Overcoat
Our Price: $237.50

Cavalry Boots
Cavalry Boots
Our Price: $199.50

Artillery Boots CSA Military Vest Print Shirts
Artillery/ Infantry Boots
Our Price: $199.50
CS Military Vest
Our Price: $103.50
Print Shirt
Our Price: $42.50

Natural Muslin Shirt Bleached White Muslin Shirt Bleached Pleated Front Cotton Shirt
Natural Muslin Shirt
Our Price: $37.50
Cotton Knit Socks
Our Price: $37.95
Gloves, rag wool Gloves, wool, fingerless Officer Sash
Gray Wool Gloves
Our Price: $11.95
Sashes-Wool and Silk
Our Price: $39.00
Suspenders, Two Prong Buckle
Suspenders, Two Prong Buckle