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Small Cup, Tin 3x3 Large Cup, Hot Dipped Tin, 4x4
Small Cup, Tin 3x3
Our Price: $17.50

Federal Issue Cartridge Box Sling
Richmond Depot Trousers from Wambaugh, White, and Co. Kit, Size 40 Selma Arsenal Cap Pouch - American Made
M1850 Cap Pouch "Early Pattern" Made in the USA Dispatch Bag
Forked Tongue Waist Belt
Our Price: $59.95

Roller Buckle Belt
Our Price: $54.95
Cotton Knit Socks
Tin canteens with beeswax lining
New York Handkerchief
Our Price: $18.60
Forged Iron Frying Pan
Our Price: $39.00
Tin folding candle lantern
Campaigner - Bundle of Pencils
Lye soap
Lye Soap
Our Price: $3.95
Berdan Sharpshooter Frock Coat Deep South Jacket, Gray/Brown Jean Wool, By N.J. Sekela
Schuylkill Arsenal Infantry Trousers, By N.J. Sekela, Size 46