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Sword Belt, Made in Gettysburg, PA Federal Enlisted Artillery Shell Jacket Trimmed CSA Shell Jacket C.S. Mounted Trousers
CS Artillery Shell Jacket
Our Price: $122.50
CS Mounted Trousers
Our Price: $144.50
CS Mounted Pattern Overcoat M1862 Bridle Rosette Artillery Boots Artillery Vent Pick - Brass
M1862 Bridle Rosette
Our Price: $7.95
Artillery/ Infantry Boots
Our Price: $199.50
Artillery Vent Pick - Wooden Handle Artillery Vent Brush - Brass Artillery Vent Brush - Wooden Handle Replacement Brush
Replacement Brush
Our Price: $4.95
Artillery Vent Punch Artillery Gimlet-Brass Handle Artillery Gimlet Artillery Practice Primers
Artillery Vent Punch
Our Price: $29.50
Artillery Gimlet
Our Price: $14.95
Dummy Friction Primers Artillery Gunner's Haversack Artillery Gunner's Fuse Pouch with Belt Artillery Thumbstall
Dummy Friction Primers
Our Price: $12.50
Artillery Thumbstall
Our Price: $19.95
Artillery Thumbstall Artillery Sponge Bucket 3/4 Scale Artillery Sponge Bucket Artillery Grease Bucket
Artillery Thumbstall
Our Price: $19.95
Artillery Sponge Bucket
Our Price: $245.00
Artillery Grease Bucket
Our Price: $205.00
Original British Colonial Artillery Sponge Bucket, Early-1800s West Point Foundry M1840 Artillery Enlisted Saber Confederate Brass Limber Plaque
West Point Foundry
Our Price: $21.95
Federal Brass Limber Plaque Display Model 10 Pound Parrott Shell Display Model 3 Inch Schenkle Shell Display Model 3 Inch CSA Read Shell
Display Model CSA Archer Shell Display Model 12 pound CSA Napoleon Shell Display Model Napoleon Shell with Borman Timer Padlock with keys
Padlock with keys
Our Price: $9.95
US Cavalry/Artillery Guidon Model Napoleon Cannon Model Artillery Limber Model Confederate Cannon
Model Napoleon Cannon
Our Price: $9.95
Model Artillery Limber
Our Price: $7.95
Model Confederate Cannon
Our Price: $29.95
Model Confederate Limber Model Cannon and Limber Set Civil War 12 Pdr Napoleon, on a No. 2 Field Carriage by Antique Ordnance Publishers Six Civil War Cannon on a No. 1 Field Carriage by Antique Ordnance Publishers
Model Confederate Limber
Our Price: $29.95
3.67 Inch Delafield Rifled Cannon 2.6 Inch Wiard Rifled Cannon U.S.-10 inch Sea Coast Mortar 12 Pdr Gun- Model 1841
Artillery Harness for Field and Siege Carriages Field Artillery Battery Wagon U.S. 13-Inch Sea Coast Mortar Field Artillery Traveling Forge
Implement and Equipment Drawings for Civil War Field Artillery (No 40) 12 Pdr Dahlgren Light Boat Howitzer U.S. 10 inch Siege Mortar, M1841 U.S.- 8 Inch Siege Mortar Model 1861
U.S.- 8 Inch Siege Mortar Model 1841 U.S.- 8 Inch Siege Mortar Model 1841 VII Inch Brooke Rifle-Double Banded 12 Pdr Mountain Howitzer Second Model Prairie Carriage Limber
12 Pdr Mountain Howitzer Second Model Prairie Carriage Limber Research Packet 12 Pdr Dahlgren Heavy Boat Howitzer Portable Forge, Equipment for Mountain Artillery, 1848-1885 (No 29) 20 Pdr Parrott Rifle
12 Pdr Breech-Loading Whitworth Rifle 60 Pounder Rifled Parrott Gun on a Marsilly Carriage M1859 Regulation Issue Mounted Blanket by Woolrich M1859 Regulation Issue Mounted Blanket by Woolrich w/Hand Stitched US
The Confederate Field Manual CSA Artillery Battle Flag Sight Case Great Coat, Mounted
CSA Artillery Battle Flag
Our Price: $12.95
Mounted Trousers CSA M1862 2.25 Inch Mountain Rifle (No 56) 12 Pdr. Mountain Howitzer on a First Model Prairie Carriage 1849-1865 (No 67) US Army Six Mule Supply Wagon (No 75)
U.S. Mounted Trousers
Our Price: $144.50
M1863 Artillery Bridle Rosettes Cavalry/Artillery Black Leather Sword Knot Artillerist Have Balls T-Shirt Instruction for Mounted Artillery, Prepared by a Board of Army Officers (No 3)
Ranges of Parrott Guns, and Notes for Practice (No 18) 24 Pdr. Coehorn Mortar (No 22) CSA Artillery Battle Flag The Hand-Book of Artillery
Revised Regulations for the Army of the United States, 1861