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Wood Rasp Set RD I Trim Kit, by Wambaugh, White & Co. Belt Hook Brass Stamped Belt Plate Shell
Wood Rasp Set
Our Price: $5.00
Brass Stamped Belt Plate Shell-US Sword Swivel 1870's Helmet Top Heel Plates, Pair
Sword Swivel
Our Price: $7.95
1870's Helmet Top
Our Price: $4.95
Heel Plates, Pair
Price per Pair $8.95
Canteen Cover Finials Screw Type 1st Corps Heel Plates 3rd Corps Heel Plates
Canteen Cover
Our Price: $8.95
Finials Screw Type
Our Price: $2.85

1st Corps Heel Plates
Price Per Pair $24.95
3rd Corps Heel Plates
Price per Pair $24.95
2nd Corps Heel Plates 6th Corps Heel Plates Artillery Heel Plates, with Cannon Balls Civilian Heel Plates
2nd Corps Heel Plates
Price per Pair $24.95
6th Corps Heel Plates
Price per Pair $24.95
Civilian Heel Plates
Price per Pair $24.95
Plain Heel Plates Wooden Needle Safe 1.1lb Block of Natural Beeswax Snake Hook Replacement
Plain Heel Plates
Price per Pair $24.95
Wooden Needle Safe
Our Price: $2.95
C.S. Blue Webbing Canteen Sling by Wambaugh, White & Company Nevr Dull Metal Wadding Polish, 5 oz. Replacement Sword Belt Hook Sword Snap, Confederate (English War Import)
Gun Brite Polish Firearms Parts Cleaner Degreaser Folding Sewing Kit. 1oz Block of Natural Beeswax
Gun Brite Polish, 2 oz.
Our Price: $10.95
Folding Sewing Kit.
Our Price: $1.00
Paper Cartridge Kit, .58cal rounds, 50 Count (no Minie Balls) .69cal Cartridge Kit .69cal Buck and Ball Cartridge Kit Reproduction Arsenal Grease
12th Corps/Texas Star Heel Plates Reproduction .69 cal Rifled Musket (25 Qty) Reproduction .54 cal Sharps Bullet (25 Qty) Reproduction .50 cal Smith Bullet (25 Qty)
Finial or stud Carbine Sling Kit Knapsack Hardware Kit Adjusting Hook for Musket Sling
Our Price: $2.85
Carbine Sling Kit
Our Price: $17.95
Knapsack Hardware Kit
Our Price: $12.95
Infantry Belt Keeper Chicago Screw Replacement Brass Sword Handle Wire. Replacement buckle for Kepi/Forage Cap Strap
Infantry Belt Keeper
Our Price: $4.50
Chicago Screw
Our Price: $0.50

Adjusting Hook for NCO or Officers Belt Replacement Canteen Strap Replacement Canteen Strap Canteen Cover Kit
Canteen Cover Kit
Our Price: $14.95
Saber Belt Stud Replacement Scabbard Tip, Springfield
Saber Belt Stud
Our Price: $1.95