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Youth Play Haversack
Our Price: $4.95
Youth Confederate Kepi
Our Price: $6.95
Youth Union Kepi
Our Price: $6.95
Haversack, Plain White
Youth Pink Kepi
Our Price: $6.95
Civil War Spy Coin
Our Price: $9.95
Conferderate Soldier Set
Our Price: $12.95
Union Soldier Set
Our Price: $12.95
Future Reenactor T-Shirts
Our Price: $13.95
Civil War Plastic Canteen
Our Price: $17.50
Heart Shaped Lock with Keys
Youth Print Cotton Shirt
Our Price: $27.95
Crossed Pistols Lock with Keys Youth's USA Military Vest Youth's Military CSA Vest
Youth CS Military Vest
Our Price: $59.50
CSA Boy's Shell Jacket Union Youth Sack Coat
CS Youth Shell Jacket
Our Price: $74.50
Federal Youth Sack Coat
Our Price: $74.50
Youth CS Foot Trousers
Our Price: $74.50
Youth Great Coat - Infantry Pattern
Youth Overcoat
Our Price: $149.50